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Was Einstein wrong about gravity?

This week, Einstein's theory of gravity is under fire, as Gaia's telescope reveals a puzzling "gravitational anomaly". If general relativity theory needs updating, what could this mean for the future of cosmology?

Meanwhile Analog Photonics are transforming autonomous driving with their new lidar-chip, plus it’s confirmed: LK-99 was too good to be true.

Will we achieve AGI and if so, when? CogX DeepTech stage speaker Connor Leahy and Conjecture have median timelines of 2030 - what do you think?

Explore these topics and more — from turning ‘off’ quantum spin, to machine imagination, and AI judges — in the CogX Must Reads

CogX Must Reads of the week
Was Einstein wrong about gravity?

The Gaia telescope has discovered a "gravitational anomaly" in wide binary star orbits, challenging the traditional gravitational theory. This anomaly questions the role of dark matter, and points toward Modified Newtonian Dynamics as a possible explanation

LK-99 superconductor confirmed false

The LK-99 superconductor was too good to be true after intense debate on its veracity - the material was in fact an insulator, not a conductor. However, the work has opened up paths to better understanding superconductivity.

Latest Research
VR to measure brain activity

Researchers can monitor brain activity during immersive VR sessions, with a noninvasive EEG enhanced headset designed for prolonged wear. Unlike existing rigid EEGs, the team's electrode is crafted from soft, conductive materials, for user comfort. This advancement has potential therapeutic applications, and could be used in human-robot interaction studies.

AI with imagination

Researchers have developed an AI system with an imagination-inspired module. The ‘imagination module’ enhances the models ability to link text with other mediums, generating insights from past experiences. The system uses a Multimodal LLM, and outperformed major counterparts in emotion detection and query responses - a promising step toward alignment.

AI Tools
Resolve debates with AI Judge

Want a fast, objective, approach to conflict resolution? The AI Judge tool uses AI to analyse disputes and provide unbiased verdicts based on evidence and legal reasoning. For added assurance, users can opt for a legal expert's review.

Landing page generator

Use this free AI landing page generator to effortlessly craft customised landing pages tailored to your specs. Plus, enjoy features like friendly links, Twitter video saving, and random letter generation

We ask CogX speakers
Will we achieve AGI, if so, when?

“At Conjecture we ran an internal poll on when AGI will be built, and extinction risk from it. The median year at which Conjecture employees expect AGI is 2030, 7 years from now.

Generally, our staff at Conjecture estimate the extinction risk from autonomous AI / AI getting out of control to be quite high. The median estimation is 70% and the average estimation is 59%.

The plurality estimates the risk to be between 60% to 80%. A few people believe extinction risk from AGI is higher than 80%.”

Innovation & Releases

Technical Tip of the Week

Follow this tutorial for text-to-language model: Bark. It’s available on Github and you can translate, generate sound effects and audio, and even make yourself sing.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this week’s Issue and what you’d like to see more of.

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