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Curiouser and Curiouser: Diving down the quantum rabbit hole.

X-ray technology takes us back 1,994 years, discovering Pompeii victims perished from toxic gas, not Mount Vesuvius's magma. Meanwhile, AI is emerging as a promising tool against the opioid epidemic, predicting potential abusers with enhanced accuracy.

Boston Dynamics' Spot has ventured into radioactive terrains untouched for a quarter-century, marking a leap in safe nuclear site mapping, while the University of Colorado's CLARI, a shape-shifting robotic insect, promises unprecedented access to confined spaces, from rescue sites to jet engines.

Dive deeper into these topics and more — from introspective AI and the quantum looking glass, to voice-to-instrument technology — in the CogX Must Reads.

CogX Must Reads
Meet Spot, Boston Dynamic’s new nuclear robot- dog

Spot is an agile robot-like dog that can navigate rough terrain, avoid obstacles and climb stairs to collect data in hazardous areas. Spot recently mapped out a radioactive section of a decommissioned nuclear site, that's been unvisited for 25 years.

X-ray technology brings insights into Pompeii disaster – 1,994 years later

Analysis of frozen-in-time skeletal remains with portable X-ray fluorescence (pXRF), shows Pompeii victims died as a result of asphyxiation from toxic gas, not from the magma of Mount Vesuvius, opening up exciting possibilities for archaeologists.

Could AI be the solution to the opioid epidemic?

The myriad social and systemic factors that lead to opioid abuse have stumped researchers for years, however ML may be the new solution. With increasing accuracy, a study provides groundbreaking insights into the opioid use of Reddit users.

US expand semiconductor restrictions to the middle east

US export regulations, typically imposed for reasons of national security, are being used for NVIDIA and AMD chips. The US has now expanded its regulations from impacting China, to also impacting countries in the Middle East.

Latest Research
Quantum provides a glimpse into an other-worldly realm

The 'Alice ring', inspired by Lewis Caroll’s Alice in Wonderland, provides new insights into the decay of monopoles, acting as a 'portal' into the antimatter dimension when observed from certain angles. Researchers have used the ring to verify a decades-old theory that monopoles decay into a ring-like vortex.

Introspective AI proves seeks diversity to improve performance

An AI system, which introspectively fine-tunes its neural network, opts for neuron diversity akin to the structure of the human brain, to enhance performance. The AI system proves superior at problem solving, especially at handling complex tasks.

Beyond playlists: Aimi’s interactive music player

Aimi FM, the interactive music player, lets users modify compositions in real-time. Aimi also offers continuous, non-repeating playlists.

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Technical Tip of the Week

Follow this tutorial to turn your voice into any instrument with Musicfy. It’s actually really cool.

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