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How barnacles are being used to find the missing MH370 plane

It’s Festival week! The AI & DeepTech Summit kicks off tomorrow at 9:45 am at Indigo at the O2.

We have an incredible lineup of speakers for you, from Jürgen Schmidhuber, to Thomas Wolf and Pablos Holman, and many more. The AI & DeepTech Summit is the first of its kind, bringing together leading speakers from across the industry to discuss recent developments in AI, quantum, biotech and other transformative tech fields.

Discussions will be wide-ranging, but the focus of these three days is how we can use emerging technologies to get the next 10 years right. To accomplish that, CogX is bringing together the world's foremost scientists, researchers and visionaries.

What better way to get excited for the Summit, than with our special edition of AI & DeepTech Long Reads?

CogX Long Reads
How barnacles are being used to find the missing MH370 plane

Researchers have used barnacle geochemistry from MH370 debris to trace the lost plane’s drift path. The technique works by extracting ocean temperatures from barnacle shells, and combining these results with oceanographic modelling, to narrow down the search area for the missing plane.

Quantum breakthrough: Paving the way for brain-mimicking AI

Researchers have discovered a phenomenon in quantum materials, where electrical stimuli in one area affect other distant areas – similar to how our brain's non-local interactions function. This discovery could pave the way for neuromorphic computing devices that mimic brain functions with greater energy efficiency.

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