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Biotech meets beauty: Personalised microbiome serums

DeepMind have revolutionised genetic disease diagnostics, with a new AI tool that can predict the likelihood of disease from DNA mutations alone, and, Parallel Health have developed a new personalised biotech inspired serum.

Auquan researchers proposed that Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) is the most efficient system for complex financial services needs – and PlusOne is the next, must-have AI tool to enhance your business.

Dive deeper into these topics and more — from personalGPT, ‘brainless’ robots, to the Founder & CEO of Cortical Labs on synthetic biology — in the CogX Must Reads.

CogX Must Reads
DeepMind’s new AI can predict genetic diseases

DeepMind announced AlphaMissense, a model that predicts the likelihood of genetic disease by analysing DNA missense mutations. This groundbreaking tool will help reshape our understanding of genetic disorders and the molecular effects of DNA.

Biotech is the future of skincare

Parallel Health is revolutionising skin care, with a biotech twist. Their unique product – a serum based on the user's personal skin microbiome – can identify eight distinct skin types and adjust treatments as the skin microbiome evolves.

New releases at the CogX Festival
Hologen announces first-of-its kind multi-modal foundational model

Derived from sustained work from leading UK institutions, Hologen will boost healthcare abilities, from informed guesswork and generic solutions, to accurate, scalable and individualised medicine. Hologen’s initial focus will radically impact in three key categories: harmonisation across medical scan types, unlocking stranded data, and as the foundation AI for AI.

Prosus announce PlusOne for business collaboration

At the CogX AI & DeepTech summit, Prosus unveiled, their Gen-AI tool that improves company collaboration and innovation. PlusOne integrates into existing tools, like Slack, and assists with tasks from code explanations to document translations

Latest Research
Theory of mind spontaneously emerged in LLMs

Researchers have conducted false-belief tests on LLMs to determine their ability to grasp the mental states of others. Advanced models like ChatGPT-4, perform similarly to young children, suggesting they may be developing an innate theory of mind. These findings have implications for how well AI can interact with and understand humans in the future.

Brainless soft robot moves without computer or human intervention

Researchers' new soft robot can autonomously navigate through intricate mazes and adapt to dynamic settings thanks to its asymmetrical structure, made from ribbon-like liquid crystal elastomers. This self-guided motion, termed "physical intelligence," hinges on the robot's material design, making it effective without computer or human intervention.

CogX Research Spotlight
Gen-AI dethroned by RAG

Auquan researchers propose retrieval augmented generation (RAG), to deliver insights into complex financial services needs. Combining the strengths of search, and Gen-AI, RAG can provide personalised, accurate, and timely intelligence to investment professionals in areas like due diligence, compliance, and ESG research.

Innovation & Releases

In case you missed it

Checkout the Founder & CEO of Cortical Labs at CogX on harnessing the prowess of human neurons, merging them with computing chips to create a proto-AGI device that's challenging the digital realm by learning to play Pong.

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