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🤖 ChatGPT can now see, hear and speak

This week, Amazon intensified the battle for the LLM market with an investment of up to $4 billion in Anthropic. Meanwhile the introduction of the Chip Act represents the EU’s effort to position itself as a key player in the global semiconductor landscape.

At the AI & DeepTech stage at CogX Festival, Next Sequence celebrated the launch of a first-of-its-kind AI and Quantum accelerator programme for TechBio startups.

And OpenAI unveiled a more intuitive and interactive version of ChatGPT which not only enables voice conversations but also interactive image recognition. Plus, researchers are exploring the conversion of flies into biodegradable bioplastic, using the chitin from fly exoskeletons.

Dive deeper into these topics and more — from self-stabilising exoskeletons, automated lit reviews, to multi sensing robots— in the CogX Must Reads.

CogX Must Reads
Amazon invest up to $4 billion in Anthropic

Amazon is investing an initial 1.25 billion for a minority stake in AI startup Anthropic, with the option to increase investment up to $4 billion. Anthropic is working on Claude-Next, set to be 10 times more capable than today’s most powerful AI.

ChatGPT can now see, hear and speak

OpenAI are rolling out their new and improved ChatGPT to Plus and Enterprise subscribers, offering a more ‘intuitive interface’ where you can have a voice conversation with the chatbot. It now also accepts image prompts, so you could theoretically take a picture of your homework and have ChatGPT solve it for you.

Self stabilising exoskeleton will help people walk again

Atlante X is entering a trial in Germany to aid rehabilitation of patients with hemiparesis, a post-stroke condition which causes muscle weakness on one side of the body. The exoskeleton helps with walking ability, balance, weight transfer, and stability.

📣Announced at CogX Festival 2023: Next Sequence - Driving Innovation at the Intersection of Bio and Tech

Next Sequence is set to launch its first accelerator cohort at the end of September 2023, dedicated to pre-seed and seed stage TechBio startups in Europe and the US. Founder and Managing Partner of Next Sequence, Loretta Tioiela, explained her vision for the programme at CogX’s AI & DeepTech Summit and was in conversation with two founders representing the latest innovation in BioTech

Latest Research
Turning flies into biodegradable bioplastic

Flies are largely composed of chitin, a non-toxic, biodegradable, sugar-based polymer which helps to strengthen their exoskeleton. Chitin can be broken down into small sugar molecules which can be converted into bioplastic, which is biodegradable.

Multi sensor communication in robots

Researchers have introduced a multisensory neuron that integrates both visual and tactical cues, inspired by the human nervous system. Humans have a complete sense of our surroundings, which we use to make decisions - mimicking this in robots should improve their decision making.

AI Tools of the Week
Want AI to do your coursework?

Sizzle AI breaks down complex problems into simple steps. Sizzle simplifies the learning process, allowing students to tackle homework by simply snapping a photo.

Censorship free GPT

NoiseGPT is a decentralised, censorship-free text-to-speech chatbot that stands for freedom of speech, freedom of use, and opposes bias in current AI systems.


In case you missed it

Hear from Conjecture CEO Connor Leahy on the future of AGI - and what this means for humanity - at the CogX Festival 2023

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