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Guest contributor: Cinema & AI

Anshar Labs

Anshar Labs, a Chicago-based software company, was founded with a mission to revolutionise industries through the combination of design thinking and cutting-edge technology. Now, they're pushing the boundaries even further by integrating the power of AI into their solutions.


In this exclusive Q&A, CEO Pinaki Saha sheds light on how AGI can supercharge marketing ROI, how Anshar is using AI to target diverse audiences and forecast trends, and his vision of the future of AI-human collaboration in the creative industries. 

AGI: The beginning of a new era of digital media

‘Our thesis is that this is much further ahead. AGI won't replace human jobs but will handle menial tasks’

1. How is Anshar using AI/AGI to optimise marketing ROI for content? 


We're currently discussing several examples with clients about how we can implement AI and AGI to optimise marketing ROI. 

One approach is dynamic ad insertion, which refines targeted advertising strategies so that ads reach their intended audience more effectively. We also use predictive analytics to forecast better budget allocations, guiding clients toward the most efficient use of their marketing resources. Our predictive models gauge the likelihood of content going viral, allowing clients to capitalise on emerging trends. 

For companies looking to invest in their data-driven decision making, we are also introducing AI-automated market testing tools that can help identify the most effective strategies to increase audience engagement.


2. How can AI help tailor content marketing to diverse audiences, and adapt to changing consumer behaviours?

AI can help tailor content marketing to diverse audiences and adapt to changing consumer behaviours in three main ways:


  • Audience Segmentation: By analysing vast amounts of consumer data, such as demographics, online behaviour, and purchasing patterns, AI can identify distinct audience segments and their preferences. 

  • Predictive Analytics: We can use machine learning algorithms to anticipate future behaviour based on historical data, allowing marketers to stay ahead of trends. 

  • Personalised content delivery: By customising recommendations according to individual past behaviour, AI can suggest more engaging material likely to generate a positive response.

3. How will the role of human marketers evolve as AI takes on more tasks in this industry?


As AI assumes more tasks in the industry, human marketers will likely shift to strategic decision-making, creative engagement, collaboration, and personal growth. With AI handling routine tasks like data analysis, marketers can focus on crafting long-term strategies, developing creative campaigns, and telling unique narratives.

They will also collaborate more closely across teams and refine their skills to integrate AI tools into their workflow, ultimately adding a human touch to customer interactions and leveraging AI's potential for business growth.


4. Looking ahead, how will AGI enhance — or even take-over — creative processes in media and marketing?


Our thesis is that this is much further ahead. AGI won't replace human jobs but will handle menial tasks, improving efficiency and freeing marketers to focus on more creative and strategic work. 


By managing routine activities like data analysis and automating repetitive processes, AGI will enable human creativity to flourish and focus on higher-level strategic thinking.


Author: Over the last 13 years, Pinaki Saha has built a thriving product engineering company at Anshar Labs from 5 people to over 300 located across 3 continents and supporting Fortune 100 to mid-market businesses.

His leadership and passion for transforming inefficient digital products into super scalable platforms have impacted hundreds of clients and their end customers by delivering sustainable and exponential values.


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