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Concerns about AI replacing studio jobs prompted a backlash to the Method Studios animation.

Hollywood directors agreed contractual terms with studios preventing another strike. The contract includes a guarantee that generative AI “cannot replace the duties performed by members”. But will scriptwriters get a similar offer?

Meanwhile, Secret Invasion, Marvel’s new series, created controversy with an AI generated opening credits sequence. Concerns about AI replacing studio jobs prompted a backlash to the Method Studios animation. Is the adoption of AI generated film content inevitable? And if so, what policies do we need to deal with the impact?

Read more about this and more in the CogX Must Reads - including UK investment in AI special effects, Pixar using cutting edge AI for animation and the Grammy’s pushback on generative AI.

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Top Stories
Hollywood directors agree contract

87% of unionised movie and television directors voted to approve a three year contract with Hollywood studios, preventing directors from joining writers on strike.

The contract includes guarantees that generative AI won’t replace members. But the writers guild strike is still no closer to ending with both sides refusing to budge.

UK invests in AI special effects research

The UK Government has invested £150m in a network of research labs across the country to develop the next generation of special effects using AI.

The industry will co-invest an additional £63m as the UK aims to become the home of film and television production using cutting edge technology.

Marvel faces backlash after AI opening scene

Secret Invasion used an AI generated opening credits sequence in its first episode. Director Ali Selim, admitted he didn’t understand how it was created but he was amazed with the result.

However, this prompted a backlash from fans and artists who worry about the impact of AI content on creative jobs.

Pixar solves animation problems with AI

Ember, a character in the new Pixar film Elemental, is made out of fire which posed issues for designers using traditional animation techniques.

They experimented using neural style transfer (NST) to move voxels around in animation and were amazed to find it worked to bring Ember to life. Watch this space to see where NST gets used next.

Latest Research
AI will change content creation forever

Script writers can use AI to aid their creative process - from providing honest feedback to first drafts of scripts, to turning a writer’s rough notes into a coherent script outline.

AI assistants can also help writers immerse themselves in their story, using chatbot prompts to effectively converse with a character.

Bollywood cinema legend embraces AI

Superstar Bollywood actor, Amitabh Bachchan, has partnered with Ikonz studios to create a generative AI version of himself.

Fans will be able to interact with the actor in immersive virtual experiences. Could a virtual Bachchan be in a movie next?

Grammy’s push back against AI generated music

Grammy’s will only be allowed to go to human creators who have significantly contributed to their music production.

AI music and content can still be submitted but songs will need to be written or performed “mostly by a human”. The fake Drake song which went viral earlier this year therefore won’t be eligible.

AI can predict the next hit single

Researchers have developed a machine learning model that can predict the success of songs with 97% accuracy.

The first minute of a song can be used to predict success with 82% accuracy - showing the importance of the opening sequence. Music and film studios should take note.

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