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Deep fake reality TV; biometric tracking; an AI-hiring frenzy?

This week, Hollywood disruption continues to expand, with musicians the latest to join the fight against generative AI.

However, studios and streaming services are pressing ahead regardless of strikes, as they embark on a new AI hiring spree, offering salaries of up to £700,000.

Meanwhile, AI models can now predict a film’s financial success from a script alone with 80% accuracy, and cinemas will begin tracking audience biometric responses for real-time feedback.

And finally, Gareth Edward’s highly anticipated sci-fi film The Creator could not come at a more opportune time, mirroring the cultural dissonance in Hollywood today brought about by AI.

CogX Must Reads of the week
AI hiring frenzy continues on amidst job-losses

Netflix, Disney and Prime are offering salaries as high as £700,000 for AI talent. With tech revolutionising the entertainment space, it’s no doubt streaming services and studios are interested. But with the strikes ongoing, is prioritising AI at the cost of alienating industry legends really worth it?

Musicians to join industry legends in Hollywood strikes

Questions of copyright infringement, ownership, and originality are raised by AI-generated music. However, experts say there is still hope, encouraging musicians to use AI as a creativity catalyst, rather than see it as a replacement

The Creator explores the duality of AI

Rogue One director Gareth Edwards will explore AI as both “God-like creator” and “public enemy number one” in his highly anticipated sci-fi The Creator. Described as a combination of Apocalypse Now and Blade Runner, the film will explore the polarised discourse on AI, which, amidst Hollywood strikes, could not be more topical.

Audiences want novelty. Does Hollywood lack the inspiration?

Hollywood is heading into a crisis, prioritising new technology over fresh stories and talent. While Gerwig’s recent box office success Barbie proves that cinema is alive and well, fans are eager for novelty – but it seems like Hollywood’s obsession with franchise films and live-action knockoffs of classics isn’t going anywhere

AI and Audience
New cinema will track audience biometrics

The Instrumented Auditorium, anticipated to open in 2024, will provide real-time insight into an audiences' subconscious emotional responses. The cinema will monitor heart rates, eye movements, brain activity and even electrical skin activity.

AI can now predict a film’s financial success

AI models can predict the financial success of a script in under 5 minutes with an impressive 80% success rate. This tech has the potential to turn around European box office losses by saving studios financial time-sinks that occur in the early stages of production.

AI in Pop Culture
Deep fake dating show highlights the horrors of AI in entertainment

Netflix’s Deep Fake Love is “psychologically torturing” contestants, by showing them AI-generated videos of their partners cheating. The show offers couples £86,000 if they can correctly detect whether footage is real or fake. The show is being compared to Black Mirror for its use of emotional manipulation for entertainment value.

The new age of dubbed content

The brand new model from start-up Neural Garage, is helping dubbed content look and feel more natural by using AI to match dubbed audio with actors’ lips and expressions. Eradicating audio-visual dissonance should help make films more internationally accessible.

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