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Would you watch an AI stunt?

The Hollywood strikes rage on and with global production at a standstill, UK film workers are left stranded without pay. However, there is growing acceptance that creators need compensation for use of their likeness.

Google and Universal discussed a new plan to protect musicians' voices — but will they get fair remuneration?

Meanwhile, AI continues to push the boundaries of VFX, with Unity’s Weka tools release empowering creators to innovate — but risking the jobs of stunt performers.

Explore these topics and the latest on digital art, the dark future of AI literature, and the viral celebrity Mortal Kombat intros in the CogX Must Reads

CogX Must Reads of the week
UK feeling the effects of US strikes

With global production at a standstill, UK film workers have been left stranded without pay and unable to seek new employment. Despite disruptions, workers from costume designers to actors demonstrated their solidarity with US strikers.

Google and Universal discuss tool to protect artists’ rights

Discussions are ongoing to empower artists' rights with strict licensing through the new launch of an AI music tool. The tool will ensure creators pay copyright fees to the artists whose vocal likeness they are using.

Content creators won’t cross the picket line

TikTokers are showing solidarity with actors and writers in the Hollywood strikes, recognising the role that content creators play in the wider creative industry’s labour issues.

Unity release Weta toolkit for VFX creators

Unity is increasing access to state-of-the-art industry tools, helping creators with character animation, rendering, and post-production workflows. This will allow artists to push the boundaries of VFX and increase their creativity.

Documentarians are wary of the ethical implications of adopting Gen-AI

Documentaries are factual, so should Gen-AI be used in the process? Whilst it can reduce menial workload and leave space for creativity, deepfaking famous voices is probably a step too far, experts say.

Stunt performers are most at risk

Whilst digital likeness may not be perfected yet, AI is already capable of generating fake stunt jumps. But will viewers mind — or even notice — the lack of authenticity?

Art and Literature
Digital art fans disrespect artists’ wishes

Despite being one of AI arts' fiercest critics, digital artist Greg Rutkowski’s is still the most popular stable diffusion prompt. Whilst Stability AI stands in solidarity, omitting his style from SD 2.0, fans have developed a new model specifically to recreate Rutkowski’s image.

Literature is the next industry at risk

Amidst AI-generated novel releases and increased automation across the creative arts, writers are concerned about the value placed on their creativity.

Quote of the Week

"Once you give up and allow the studios to use AI to write their screenplays, there’s no going back"

Top Stories

In case you missed it

Who would win in a fight, the Queen or the Pope, Cruise or Biden? AI generated celebrity Mortal Kombat allows users to find out.

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