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AI steals the show at Venice film fest

This week SAG-AFTRA locks horns with video game giants, over an 11% wage increase and pressing AI concerns. Meanwhile, Hollywood representatives will attend Schumer’s high-profile AI Summit. Will Hollywood embrace a tech-led evolution, or resist the call of silicon?

The Venice Film Festival feels the weight of Hollywood's WAG strikes, with film delays and absent stars, however, Harmony Korine offers a glimmer of hope, pioneering the exciting new future of AI-film collaboration.

Explore these topics - and the latest on Eleven-Labs voice technology, AI record deals, and the future of CGI - in the CogX Must Reads.

CogX Must Reads
Strike Alert: SAG-AFTRA challenge the game industry's wage & AI practices

SAG-AFTRA is considering a strike against leading video game corporations. A pivotal vote set for September 5th to 25th will determine the course of action. The union is advocating for an 11% wage boost and the establishment of protective measures against potential AI-related threats

Hollywood and tech unite at Schumer's AI summit

Hollywood powerhouses, Guild President Meredith Stiehm and Motion Picture Associations' Charles Rivkin, will join tech leaders at Schumer’s AI Summit. The summit aims to impose a solid framework for regulating AI, it's evident that the summit is set to do more than just discuss AI — but to redefine its role in entertainment.

Venice Film Festival
Hollywood strikes shadow over film festival

The absence of prominent stars at this year's Venice film festival, marks the severity of the WAG strikes impact on the industry. With awaited releases of Challenger and Dune postponed, and stars refusing to attend promotional events, the next year of industry may look very different.

AI is a way to play with form, not an existential crisis - Harmony Korine

Korine defends AI in the future of film, believing it to be a creative tool, likening it to a paintbrush. Simultaneously, Korine debuts his new futuristic film ‘Aggro Dr1ft’, an infrared, psychedelic multi-media project starring Travis Scott.

Eleven Labs bridge language barrier for creators on a budget

Eleven Labs new voice-gen technology allows you to record yourself, and have AI translate you into over 30 languages. The tech aims to help audiobook and video game creators, providing them global outreach, without the hefty price tag

CGI’s overwhelming potential in the future of cinema

Renowned CGI artist Steve Williams warns we're on the brink of a new era of cinema, envisioning a future dominated by entirely CGI-generated movies. Having forecasted the rise of deepfakes technology for deceased actors, his predictions are not to be taken lightly.

AI pop-singer lands major music deal

Virtual pop singer Noonoouri has officially released her debut single after signing with Warner Music. Surprisingly, this is not her first brush with fame, currently holding the title of first ever ‘virtual influencer’ after signing with Dior.

Youtube announce their AI music principles

Youtube vow to collaborate with AI as it continues to evolve, committing to protecting artist rights responsibly. They also promise to scale their efforts to address AI related challenges, investigating how to leverage technology to safeguard the creative community.

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