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Feeling lost with all the strike jargon?

It’s CogX Festival week, and the Cinema & AI stage kicks off tomorrow at 10 a.m. at Magazine London!

We’re so excited to have an incredible lineup for the Cinema & AI Stage, from Stability AI’s Joe Penna, to Eleven Labs’ Carles Reina and director Kyle Vorbach, and many more.

Cinema is on the cusp of an AI-powered revolution that promises to simplify production, reduce costs, and eliminate tedious tasks. But it also brings threats to creativity and compensation. Be a part of this critical conversation with the world-class creatives, writers, filmmakers, actors and artists participating in the Cinema & AI Stage's enlightening talks, live demonstrations and more.

What better way to get excited for the Summit than with our special edition of Cinema & AI Long Reads?

CogX Long Reads
Feeling lost with all the strike jargon?

As the Hollywood strikes grow in complexity, so does the terminology and jargon used in reporting it. This piece tells you everything you need to know, offering a deep dive into the industry terminology, and core issues behind all of the actions.

Venice is AI's coming out party

Despite Hollywood’s trepidation toward AI, the 80th Venice Film Festival showcased a budding embrace of AI's cinematic possibilities. Stars and new films celebrated AI’s potential, suggesting Hollywood may be warming up to AI as both a challenge and a tremendous opportunity.

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