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The week's developments on the intersection of AI and creative content | 13.02.24

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This week, the world of audio editing is experiencing a seismic shift with the arrival of Adobe's Project Music GenAI Control. This experimental tool, dubbed the "Photoshop for audio," lets users conjure up music using simple text descriptions, and then fine-tune the results within the same user-friendly interface. Is this the future of music creation?

Elsewhere, "Road House" remake drama deepens as the original cult classic screenwriter sues over copyright and AI-dubbing claims. Plus, US film giant Tyler Perry pauses studio expansion amid concerns over new AI video generation tools like OpenAI's Sora.

We cover these stories, and more — including Sora AI’s new sound capabilities and a retiring CEO’s advice to Hollywood on embracing AI technology.

— Charlie and the Research and Intelligence Team

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Cinema and Industry

🎵 Adobe's wild new AI tool is being called “Photoshop for music”. Adobe has unveiled a new prototype tool called "Project Music GenAI Control". While currently in its early stages, the tool allows users to generate music based on text descriptions and edit the results within the same interface.


🗣️ "Road House" reboot sparks legal brawl over AI voice replication. The original film's screenwriter, R. Lance Hill, is suing Amazon Studios, claiming they allegedly used AI to replicate actors' voices during the SAG-AFTRA strike.


🤖 US film and TV giant Tyler Perry halts his £630m studio expansion due to concerns about the potential impact of AI on the film industry. Perry, known for movies like "Gone Girl" and "Don't Look Up," is particularly worried about OpenAI's new video generation tool, Sora.

📺 Tired of rewatching your favourite movie? Anamorph's generative technology creates unique film experiences every time you watch. Using hundreds of hours of footage, their innovative system reorders scenes, creating billions of potential variations.

Arts and Entertainment

🔊 Sound effects added to stunning text-to-video AI, Sora. Just a week after OpenAI unveiled their impressive text-to-video model Sora, another AI company, ElevenLabs, has showcased how their tech can add the missing piece: sound.


🎞️ Morph Studio lets you make films using Stability AI-generated clips. Its new platform allows users to create movies by entering text prompts for scenes and combining the resulting AI-generated clips into a cohesive story.


🎬 Hollywood faces a "disastrous time" if it doesn't embrace change, warns Jeff Rosica, former CEO of multimedia tech company Avid. Despite workers’ concerns over automation, Rosica believes AI isn't the enemy — but a tool for efficiency that can “enable people to do more”.

👁️ As AI enters the art world, can it replace the human eye? AI programs like Art Recognition claim to offer "objective" evaluations of art pieces — but while AI programs can aid the process, experts stress they can’t replace human expertise… for now.

In case you missed it

Check out the demo of Alibaba’s latest AI, ‘EMO’. A model designed to produce lifelike talking and singing videos just from photos:

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