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The week's developments on the intersection of AI and creative content | 07.05.24

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In LA today will be joined by pioneering tech-company Anshar Labs at CogX LA for a session on Driving Innovative Media Strategies with Custom LLMs & AI Powered Insights. Founder and CEO Pinaki Saha will show how their custom LLMs are empowering media companies to unlock the full potential of their content.


In preparation, we sat down with Pinaki Saha to discuss six key questions about their bespoke AI solutions for media. From unexpected creative applications of AI, to how to squeeze every last drop of ROI from digital marketing, we left no stone unturned. Read on for more on this below.


We cover these stories, plus the shocking number of filmmakers using AI (and why they hate to admit it), a new Sora breakthrough and the best AI image generators as of May 2024.. 

— Charlie and the Research and Intelligence Team

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AGI: The beginning of a new era of digital media

Pinaki Saha, CEO Anshar Labs

‘Our thesis is that this is much further ahead. AGI won't replace human jobs but will handle menial tasks’

Anshar Labs, a Chicago-based software company, was founded with a mission to revolutionise industries through the combination of design thinking and cutting-edge technology. Now, they're pushing the boundaries even further by integrating the power of AI into their solutions.


In this exclusive interview, CEO Pinaki Saha sheds light on how AGI can supercharge marketing ROI, how Anshar are using AI to target diverse audiences and forecast trends, and his vision of the future of AI-human collaboration in the creative industries. 

1. How is Anshar using AI/AGI to optimise marketing ROI for content? 


We're currently discussing several examples with clients about how we can implement AI and AGI to optimise marketing ROI. 

One approach is dynamic ad insertion, which refines targeted advertising strategies so that ads reach their intended audience more effectively. We also use predictive analytics to forecast better budget allocations, guiding clients toward the most efficient use of their marketing resources. Our predictive models gauge the likelihood of content going viral, allowing clients to capitalise on emerging trends. 

For companies looking to invest in their data-driven decision making, we are also introducing AI-automated market testing tools that can help identify the most effective strategies to increase audience engagement.


2. How can AI help tailor content marketing to diverse audiences, and adapt to changing consumer behaviours?

AI can help tailor content marketing to diverse audiences and adapt to changing consumer behaviours in three main ways:


  • Audience Segmentation: By analysing vast amounts of consumer data, such as demographics, online behaviour, and purchasing patterns, AI can identify distinct audience segments and their preferences. 

  • Predictive Analytics: We can use machine learning algorithms to anticipate future behaviour based on historical data, allowing marketers to stay ahead of trends. 

  • Personalised content delivery: By customising recommendations according to individual past behaviour, AI can suggest more engaging material likely to generate a positive response.

3. How will the role of human marketers evolve as AI takes on more tasks in this industry?


As AI assumes more tasks in the industry, human marketers will likely shift to strategic decision-making, creative engagement, collaboration, and personal growth. With AI handling routine tasks like data analysis, marketers can focus on crafting long-term strategies, developing creative campaigns, and telling unique narratives.

They will also collaborate more closely across teams and refine their skills to integrate AI tools into their workflow, ultimately adding a human touch to customer interactions and leveraging AI's potential for business growth.


4. Looking ahead, how will AGI enhance — or even take-over — creative processes in media and marketing?


Our thesis is that this is much further ahead. AGI won't replace human jobs but will handle menial tasks, improving efficiency and freeing marketers to focus on more creative and strategic work. 


By managing routine activities like data analysis and automating repetitive processes, AGI will enable human creativity to flourish and focus on higher-level strategic thinking.

… interested in hearing more? Checkout their insightful session on Driving Innovative Media Strategies with Custom LLMs & AI Powered Insights at CogX LA

Cinema and Industry

🎭 Runway's second AI Film Festival took place on May 2nd to explore the tensions between film’s past, present and future. Runway CEO Valenzuela acknowledged concerns about AI's impact on creative jobs but highlighted its potential to create new art forms.


📺 Netflix’s reality-show ‘The Circle’ had an AI twist featuring Max, an AI posing as a human contestant blending into the online community, Max sparked intrigue and concern, revealing how AI blurs the lines between reality and deception in digital interactions.


🏆 Will AI win an oscar in 7 years? On "The Daily AI Show" hosts don’t think so, suggesting that, despite its rapid adoption in special effects and animation, it will most likely take over a decade for the Academy to fully embrace AI films. 

🤫 More filmmakers are using AI than would like to admit: Despite industry resistance, with some filmmakers publicly criticising AI while privately using it, Runway festival panellists  revealed a broader adoption of AI than many admit, in ideation and experimentation.

Arts and Entertainment

💰 Is AI art profitable? Not all AI art is created equal. To make money, you need to be able to generate high-quality images that people will want to buy. This will mean going beyond the basic prompts and outputs, and instead focusing on creativity, clarity, and execution


⚖️ Artists are suing Google over its new AI image generator, Imagen. They claim Google used their copyrighted works to train Imagen without permission - but the tech giant said it uses publicly available information and that it will fight the claims in court.


➡️ This AI tool could have an unexpected new use. LeiaPix can quickly turn 2D illustrations into 3D animations. This could be useful for artists who want to show clients how concepts work in motion or add depth to their work.


🎤 Post stroke Randy Travis uses AI to keep making music: Country legend Randy Travis is back with a new song, "Where That Came From," thanks to AI technology. After a stroke in 2013 left him unable to speak, Travis used an AI  to recapture his signature sound.

🎨 The 10 best AI art generators as of May 2024:  From creating marketing visuals to sparking creative ideas, these generators are transforming how art is made. Read the full list to see how AI can help you bring your creative visions to life.

In case you missed it

AI Artist Paul Trillo just made this music video for Washed Out, using AI. Is it a watershed moment for Sora?

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