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The week's developments on the intersection of AI and creative content | 18.06.24

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This week, we explore what 70 years of AI film can tell us about our relationship with the tech, and the photographer who just took on the machines — and won.


Plus the world's first AI movie camera is out, and a uni student has found the solution to protecting users' identities against AI, through fashion.  


We cover this, plus how consumers really feel about AI in entertainment, and the top tools for filmmaking and music, that you can use right now.

— Charlie and the Research and Intelligence Team

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Cinema and Industry

📹  World's first AI movie camera: The CMR-M1 is an AI-powered camera that captures and processes video in real-time. Utilising a FLIR sensor and Snapdragon CPU, filmmakers can enhance their footage with AI special effects, and develop personal styles. 


🎥 What 70 years of film tells us about our relationship with AI. From HAL 9000's rebellion in 2001, to the blurred lines between human and machine in Ex Machina, AI portrayals reveal our consistent anxieties, as we project our aspirations and fears onto them.


📊 Do consumers want genAI in entertainment? 36% are less interested, and 23% more interested in AI content, says a recent survey, especially with use in sound effects and visual enhancement. Acceptance grows with familiarity: regular AI users rating it more positively. 

🎬 The best AI tools for filmmaking. The list includes Nuke Copycat for automating rotoscoping, Runway Gen 2 and Pika Labs for text-to-video generation, Chat GPT-4o for script development, and Udio for creating realistic soundtracks.

Arts and Entertainment

🎨 AI artist exposes our broken food system — and how to fix it. Jeroen van der Most's latest AI art project, "The Vegetable Vendetta," critiques the dominance of big food brands and promotes the potential of AI to democratise advertising for smaller producers. 


📸 Photographer takes on the machines – and wins. Miles Astray submitted his human-made photo "Flamingone" to the AI category of a competition, securing third place before being disqualified for not meeting AI criteria.

👗 Fashion to combat AI privacy fears. Kirsty Love, a knitwear fashion student at, has created a clothing range that confounds AI cameras to protect wearers' identities. The garments use distorted images of bodies, faces, and hands to prevent digital profiling.

🎵 AI music generators - the best of the best. Top tools include Suno for free song creation from text, SongR for simplicity, Google’s MusicFX for chill-out, Beatoven AI for advanced mixing, Riffusion for 12-second snippets, and LimeWire AI for 30-second tracks.

In case you missed it

All the amazing AI tools you can use — now, plus the AI news you might have missed this week. 

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