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Future of Work

Your weekly CogX briefing on HR tech, automation, and the workplace

Workforce revolution: Should we embrace the AI-powered future?

The Labour party’s new AI-enabled job matching solution is needed more than ever, as the OECD reports 27% of the workforce may lose their jobs.

Gen-Z are at risk of being left behind with entry level jobs being automated at pace, while the legal sector may see demand for entirely new roles, like ethical officers, following recent AI innovation.

Meanwhile, New York City’s AI anti-discrimination policy targets automated hiring, with new research showing 50% of companies aren’t monitoring for hiring bias.

Explore these topics and the latest on hybrid work, the economic cost of burnout and AI customer service in the CogX Must Reads.

Top Stories
Labour party turns to AI to reduce unemployment

The UK Labour party announced its AI-enabled plan to reduce unemployment. They want to optimise job matching, claim processing, and fraud identification, using cutting-edge technology to improve on low re-employment metrics.

Doctors and lawyers most at risk from AI

27% of workers, especially health and legal professionals, may be out of a job soon. OECD research suggests skilled jobs are at the highest risk from automation leading to major disruption of white-collar work.

HR tech
HR neglects AI risks

50% of HR professionals are not monitoring for bias due to lack of training. HR professionals are calling for education and training in AI bias, as automated hiring becomes increasingly prevalent, with 80% of HR teams already using AI.

NYC anti-discrimination AI policy

New York City has passed new legislation to tackle AI bias in hiring. It requires all companies using automated hiring tools to have a third-party audit to check for racism and sexism, in an effort to curb bias in the hiring process.

Future of Office
Hybrid reigns supreme

Hybrid work is settling into a post-pandemic norm. With office occupancy at 50% and public transit at 60%, a hybrid compromise is being reached, enabling a better balance for workers and a bigger talent pool for employers.

Burnout costs the global economy $324 billion

Burnout is reducing productivity and slashing economic growth by $324 billion. The majority of employees feel unrecognised and disengaged in the workplace. If businesses want to fix this, they need to start empowering their employees, fixing work-life balance, and improving the work environment.

AI and Automation
Gen-Z left behind as AI steals entry-level jobs

Entry-level jobs are becoming increasingly automated, leaving Gen-Z behind. With entry-level ‘mundane tasks’ getting snapped up by AI, and 35% of jobs requiring minimum 3 years of experience, it is becoming increasingly difficult for Gen-Z to launch their careers.

AI sparks legal job opportunities

Alongside job losses, disruption from AI will also create entirely new roles that don’t exist today. Industry experts predict the legal sector will see new demand for legal bias anthropologists, legal ethical offers, and legal product managers amongst others.

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