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Future of Work

Your weekly CogX briefing on HR tech, automation, and the workplace

5-hour days, robot bosses, and the end of after-work drinks?

Sam Altman urges us to stare into the ‘orb’ of his new global cryptocurrency, meanwhile huge pay-rises for London's top-workers have been covering up nationwide wage cuts.

Gen-Z are calling out bad office culture, and with temperatures reaching record highs, expect big workplace changes, from shorter working hours to a lot more A/C.

And finally, US law forbids AI from being your new boss, but it could be your new personal assistant.

Explore these topics and the latest on overworking habits, the economic cost of after-work drinks and a revolutionary AI sales agent, in the CogX Must Reads.

Top Stories
Sam Altman’s cryptocurrency goes global

Sam Altman is reinventing the future of currency with the rollout of Worldcoin. The new cryptocurrency distinguishes man from machine with ‘orb’ technology, where retina scans equate to personal, private, digital IDs. Will Worldcoin finally see our salaries going crypto?

London top-earners mask national wage gap

The IFS reports that top-earner pay rises are not only growing, but masking, UK wage inequality. The report shows top London workers in business services and IT are prospering despite cuts in education, manufacturing and hospitality.

Future of Office
How climate’s changing the office

Office workers will see frequent breaks, shorter days, work-from-home allowances and cooler office redesigns as a result of rising temperatures. Outdoor workers will see late hours, and difficult working conditions

Gen-Z want 5 hours days and employer integrity

With Gen-Z employees set to triple by 2030, companies must start to changing their ways to accommodate the next generation. Contrary to cultural belief, Gen-Z doesn’t want trendy office spaces. They want flexible working hours, good use of tech, and commitment to diversity and inclusion measures.

AI and Automation
In the age of hybrid, consider AI your new PA

The new hybrid is humans plus AI, with machines in a supportive role. Whilst automation is proving useful, it’s not good enough to take over an entire job. Therefore we can expect to see managers bolstering human intelligence with the artificial to boost productivity.

US act bans robot bosses

US Senator Casey’s new act will protect job seekers by regulating the use of AI in employment decisions. The bill emphasises the importance of AI training, mandates human oversight of technology, and proposes a novel technology and worker protection division within the Department of Labor.

Workplace Bad Habits
Employers need to stop praising overtime

The modern workplace is wrought with presenteeism, the performative compulsion to overwork and clocking in outside of hours even if unwell. As remote-working dissolves the boundary between home and office, we need employers to stop praising overtime, and reward achievements within working hours.

The real price of after-work drinks

Office socialising and UK drinking culture go hand in hand, but it’s excluding sober employees, and may be costing them professional opportunities. With after-work drinks costing the UK economy £7 billion annually, we need to start addressing this culture, and considering other options for team bonding.

CogX Must Reads of the week

In case you missed it

Would you know this was AI? Checkout PEARL, the new autonomous sales agent. She can sell any product start to end, including executing credit card payments and sending emails.

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