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Future of Work

Your weekly CogX briefing on HR tech, automation, and the workplace
The week's developments on automation & the workplace, explained | 03.06.24

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With the AI revolution in full swing, many CEOs are overly excited about its potential for productivity gains, but while some employers remain wary of the potential risks — particularly in areas like cybersecurity and data privacy — this hasn’t stopped workers from adopting the technology. What hurdles are they encountering? We take a look at this below.


Elsewhere, we cover why AI is making economists rethink the story of automation, declining workplace friendships and the AI coaches coming to offer you career advice.


Find these stories and more below — in our CogX must reads

Charlie and the Research and Intelligence team

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CogX Must Reads

Top Stories


👨🏻‍💻 Gen AI at work has surged by 66% in the U.K., but bosses aren’t behind it.  UK workers are rapidly adopting GenAI tools at work — but there is a significant disconnect. Most employers aren't actively encouraging the use of these technologies, leading to concerns about missed opportunities and potential risks.


🤖 AI career coaches are here, but should you trust them? These new chatbots offer advice on everything from handling harassment to quitting your job. But while they provide general guidance and brainstorm ideas, their responses can be biassed and lack human empathy.


👩🏻‍💼 European tech companies are making some progress on equal pay, but a bigger problem exists. Women are still vastly underrepresented in senior positions, holding only 21% of leadership roles.


Future of the Office

💼 Training and development programs are booming for young workers, but a critical group is being left behind: employees over 55. Despite making up a third of the UK workforce, over half of this demographic haven't received any management or leadership training in their current roles


🫂 With remote work on the rise, are "work besties" a thing of the past?  Surveys show workplace friendships are declining, but many still crave that connection. Over 42 % of employees say that the biggest incentive to work in the office is interaction with their work friends.


AI & Automation

🦾The future of fulfilling work is AI-driven? With AI taking over routine tasks, knowledge workers can focus on what humans do best: complex problem-solving, creativity, and building relationships.


🚨 AI is making economists rethink the story of automation. While previous models assumed new technology would create new jobs, recent evidence suggests AI may displace workers in middle-wage jobs without creating enough new ones. 


🤔 CEOs are excited about AI, but a big chunk of their workforce isn't on board. While 63% of CEOs say employee buy-in is key to success, a similar number are pushing for faster adoption than workers are comfortable with.


In case you missed it

Kai-Fu Lee, founder of 01AI, sees AI as both humanity's greatest leap and biggest job threat (displacing over 50% of jobs over the next 3 years). But is he exaggerating?


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