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Is Big Tech taking over the AI Summit?

The UK announced its five ambitions for the AI Safety Summit, including a shared agreement on the risks of frontier models. But some experts are worried about the influence of Big Tech on the gathering - does the Summit need to be more inclusive?

Meanwhile, Mustafa Suleyman urged the US to use its access to cutting-edge chips to enforce AI standards. We’re delighted that Mustafa will be speaking on the future of AI at the CogX Festival next week. If you want to hear his thoughts on how AI will revolutionise our lives in-person, get your GLS add-on for 50% off today.

Explore these topics and more - from AI in 2024 elections to expansions in AI facial recognition - in the CogX Must Reads.

CogX Must Reads
UK sets out AI Safety Summit ambitions

The objectives include developing a shared understanding of the risks posed by frontier AI, a process for international collaboration, and safety measures to enact today. There will also be discussions on areas for collaboration on AI safety research and showcasing how AI can be used for good globally.

Is Big Tech taking over the Summit?

Some experts have warned that the AI Safety Summit is in danger of being dominated by the interests of Big Tech. They worry that the Summit could rubber-stamp proposals from big tech companies without considering the views of a much wider set of stakeholders.

Politics & Regulation
AI’s central role in 2024 elections

Countries with a collective population of 4bn will have elections in 2024 - and AI brings challenges. The quantity of misinformation will be multiplied by thousands, hyper-realistic deepfakes could swing votes, and AI could be used to inundate voters with highly personalised propaganda through microtargeting.

Global approaches to AI regulation

Governments around the world have taken different approaches to regulating AI - from Israel and Japan, which moved lightning fast to clarify copyright protections, to China which has developed extensive regulations.

AI Thinkers
US should use its control over chips to enforce AI standards

CogX Festival 2023 speaker and Inflection AI CEO Mustafa Suleyman argues that the US should force any Nvidia chip consumer to sign up to the voluntary commitments that AI labs have already agreed to. Access to chips is a “chokepoint” which could be used to force companies to agree to standards.

Worries grow that AI will make life worse

In new research, a majority of Americans now say that their concern about AI outweighs their excitement about it. There are particular worries about civil rights, privacy and the detrimental impact AI could have.

Use Cases
Expansion of AI-based facial recognition in UK

The Home Office is considering deploying new biometric systems over the next 12 to 18 months. Campaigners have warned against the move, following criticism that the technology is inaccurate and biased against dark-skinned people.

Workers in Vegas a test bed for AI disruption

Robots are replacing humans in Vegas at an accelerating pace: they’re pouring drinks, checking in customers and making restaurant recommendations. Unions are closely watching the changes, with the Culinary Union preparing to strike if an agreement isn’t reached on new technology in the workplace.

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CogX Festival Speakers Mustafa Suleyman and Steven Bartlett discuss the coming wave of AI

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