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Top 10 AI Video Editing Tools | 2023

The 10 AI video editing tools you need to know about 

From engaging short-form clips to HD cinematic visuals, AI is changing the game for video editing and production. AI-generated videos saw 18.5% global growth in the past year.

The potential this emerging technology brings to creative industries is extraordinary. Tools for enhancing video editing and production can empower content creators to accelerate video production — from refining video clarity via AI upscaling to automatic editing tools that will 10x your productivity.

Given the buzz surrounding AI, our aim is to sift through the noise and highlight genuinely effective tools that streamline video creation. We've analysed nearly 50 tools and curated this list of the top 10 for video editing and production. 

Top AI editing tools, ranked

  1. Opus Pro - Standout Feature: AI virality score

  2. Videotap - Standout feature: Content repurposing

  3. Momento - Standout feature: AI writing for video

  4. Descript - Standout feature: Text-based editing

  5. ClipFM - Standout feature: Clip selection

  6. Runway - Standout feature: Text-to-video

  7. Pictory - Standout feature: Video generation

  8. Topaz - Standout feature: Video enhancement

  9. Synthesia - Standout feature: Avatar generation

  10. ElevenLabs - Standout feature: Voice cloning

Top AI Video Editing Tools

1. Opus Pro  🌟 Standout Feature: AI virality score

Opus Clip is an advanced AI video tool that clips long videos into short, engaging snippets. Its standout functionalities include dynamic captions, AI-driven layout adjustments, and seamless transitions. Opus Clip also evaluates video content against current trends, offering deep insight into content and providing an AI-generated “virality score”. 

2. Videotap  🌟 Standout feature: Content repurposing

Videotap is a tool used to repurpose existing footage into engaging short-form content — no editing skills required. Craft high-quality videos with automated captions in minutes, and share on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. 

3. Momento 🌟 Standout feature: AI script writing

Momento is a tool to turn your videos into shorts, with a vast feature set ranging from video highlighting and text-based editing to multi-platform posting support. Its standout feature is its ChatGPT-powered AI writing tool, which can generate scripts based on a bespoke writing style.

4. Descript 🌟 Standout feature: Text-based editing

Descript streamlines editing by making the user feel like they are working on a Word document. You can upload or record directly to Descript and it will generate a precise transcript. Quickly remove filler words and silences, record visuals, correct errors, and share with a link. It also offers advanced features like multi-track edits, speaker recognition, and automated captioning.

5. ClipFM 🌟 Standout feature: Clip selection

ClipFM uses AI to extract your videos' most compelling moments, exporting multiple ready-to-share snippets. Each snippet is then tailored to the relevant short-form platform, and is ready to share immediately.  

6. Gen-2 Runway 🌟 Standout feature: Text-to-video

Gen-2 by Runway is a state-of-the-art AI tool that creates HD videos from text prompts, images, or clips. The tool offers customisable outputs and is a game changer for end-to-end video production. 

7. Pictory 🌟 Standout feature: Video generation

Pictory produces high-quality videos from scripts with visuals and AI voiceovers. The tool also extracts highlights from long recordings, enhances SEO, and features auto-captioning for social media videos. 

8. Topaz 🌟 Standout feature: Video enhancement

Topaz's Video AI 4, developed with Intel, Nvidia, and AMD, is a premier AI video editor boasting 16K upscaling, cinema-quality denoising, and facial detail recovery. It features slow motion, stabilisation, and 24 AI model previews. 

9. Synthesia 🌟 Standout feature: Avatar generation

For the camera-shy content creator: Synthesia is an AI video generator that allows users to create videos with lifelike avatars. This tool boasts 85+ AI avatars, personal cloning, voice scripting in 120 languages, and 55 video templates. 

10. ElevenLabs 🌟 Standout feature: Voice cloning

Eleven Labs is the best tool for text-to-speech technology: it captures human speech nuances and offers real-time voice changes and celebrity voice cloning. It is praised for lifelike audio conversion and diverse voice customisations. 

There’s an immense number of useful AI tools out there, and new ones are released all the time. AI-driven video editing will revolutionise the way we create and consume content — so the time to learn how to use these tools is now. 


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