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Future of Work

Your weekly CogX briefing on HR tech, automation, and the workplace

Imagine your boss asks you to perform a tedious and time-consuming research task. You know your company has done work like this before — but have no idea where to find it.

AI won’t take your job — but people who use it will
Issue 7 • Published September, 2023

We know that AI will affect jobs — but we may be underestimating just how much. As previous automation technologies displaced low-skilled work, the effects of AI on highly educated workers are still being underestimated.

Will AI save the office?
Issue 6 • Published August 21, 2023

In an ironic turn, remote work company Zoom is requiring employees to come into the office twice a week. With the policy change, Zoom joins a roster of big tech companies — including Google, Meta, Microsoft and Apple — that are taking firmer stances on remote work

How can AI boost your productivity?
Issue 5 • Published August 14, 2023

The benefits and pitfalls of automation are key themes in today’s briefing. A new McKinsey report warns that 30% of jobs could be automated by 2030, affecting some 12 million roles in the US. Meanwhile, Google’s Chief Decision Scientist asks why people are so afraid of AI when it has the potential to free up our time for more fulfilling pursuits.

Your next colleague may be a robot
Issue 4 • Published August 7, 2023

Two sides of the AI story play out in the world of work this week. On one hand, AI is getting so competent that it stole a CEO’s job — on the other, some employees say that the transition to automation is doubling their workload.

Should AI replace your CEO?
Issue 3 • Published August 1, 2023

Gen-Z are calling out bad office culture, and with temperatures reaching record highs, expect big workplace changes, from shorter working hours to a lot more A/C.

5-hour days; robot bosses; the end of after-work drinks?
Issue 2 • Published July 27, 2023

Gen-Z are at risk of being left behind with entry level jobs being automated at pace, while the legal sector may see demand for entirely new roles, like ethical officers, following...

Workforce revolution: Should we embrace the AI-powered future?
Issue 1 • Published July 20, 2023
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