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Future of Work

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The week's developments on automation & the workplace, explained | 04.12.23

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This week, the jury is still out on whether AI will make or break the workplace. Artisan’s launch of its AI worker range marks the arrival of digital colleagues. However, a recent survey revealed the majority of tech workers think AI is overhyped. Will the rise of AI colleagues revolutionise the workplace, or is it just a fleeting tech fad?

Meanwhile, the European Central Bank’s latest report shows AI is affecting wages not jobs – unless you live in the US. Plus, trends predict 2024 will see a shift away from diversity and back to the office.

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—Charlie & the Research & Intelligence team


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Digital colleagues are here – and they’re coming for knowledge jobs. San Fran–based start-up Artisan is releasing its AI-powered digital worker range, who can do “anything a human can do”, according to their CEO. With the rise of gen-AI, are any jobs safe?

Over half of tech workers believe AI is overhyped, with 51.6% viewing it as overrated, according to Retool’s recent survey. Technical staff – whilst more sceptical than execs – are increasingly using gen-AI tools like ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot in day-to-day tasks.


Future of the Office

The 2024 hybrid trends: a shift back to the office, and a decline in diversity. Leaders are wrongly assuming office work increases productivity – ignoring recent research – plus discrimination is predicted to increase alongside our reliance on AI in recruitment.

The key 2024 trends impacting UK businesses include AI integration and regulation, and managing the emergence of tech-boom related jobs. Plus, addressing the growing tech-skills gap, and the transformation of HR into a strategic, data-driven role.


AI & Automation

AI won’t take your job, but it might shrink your wages, according to the European Central Bank. The report states that in Europe, low-skill jobs are safe from AI — with high-skilled jobs predicted to grow. However, the US’ lower-skill job market is less secure.

People skills are needed more than ever, but not for the reason you might think. In an AI age, the need for EQ and communication skills grows – not only due to replaceability fears – but due to the increasing value they hold in a machine-dominated job market.


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In case you missed it

Sports Illustrated was called out for using fake AI writers; check out the full story here:

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