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AI & DeepTech

Your weekly newsletter on cutting-edge innovations in AI, biotech, quantum and more

DeepMind have revolutionised genetic disease diagnostics, with a new AI tool that can predict the likelihood of disease from DNA mutations alone, and, Parallel Health have developed a new personalised biotech inspired serum.

Biotech meets beauty: Personalised microbiome serums
Issue 8 • Published 22 August, 2023

It’s Festival week! The AI & DeepTech Summit kicks off tomorrow at 9:45 am at Indigo at the O2.

How barnacles are being used to find the missing MH370 plane
Festival Edition - Issue 7 • Published 11 September, 2023

X-ray technology takes us back 1,994 years, discovering Pompeii victims perished from toxic gas, not Mount Vesuvius's magma. Meanwhile, AI is emerging as a promising tool against the opioid epidemic, predicting potential abusers with enhanced accuracy.

Curiouser and Curiouser: Diving down the quantum rabbit hole.
Issue 6 • Published 6 September, 2023

In a groundbreaking achievement, AI helped restore the voice of a paralysed woman, marking a monumental stride in tech-empowered rehabilitation. Meanwhile, China has tightened its control over rare metals crucial for semiconductor production, introducing strict regulations on the export of gallium and germanium

AI gives a paralysed woman her voice back.
Issue 5 • Published 30 August, 2023

This week, Einstein's theory of gravity is under fire, as Gaia's telescope reveals a puzzling "gravitational anomaly". If general relativity theory needs updating, what could this mean for the future of cosmology?

Was Einstein wrong about gravity?
Issue 4 • Published 23 August, 2023

This week, we saw a revolution in the world of physics: researchers at Fermilab may have discovered a new force of nature. If confirmed, could this be the biggest scientific breakthrough of the last hundred years?

Have we discovered a new force of nature?
Issue 3 • Published 16 August, 2023

In AI, Nvidia’s new chip design could significantly reduce running costs for LLMs, sparking more innovation and frontier model development.

Nvidia’s gamechanging new chip
Issue 2 • Published 10 August, 2023

The groundbreaking LK-99 superconductor was also released but has been plagued by accusations of data manipulation. Are the results too good to be true?

Innovations Unveiled: SDXL Text-to-Image Generator and LK-99 Superconductor Debut Amidst Achievements and Controversy
Issue 1 • Published 3 August, 2023
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