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CogX Top 100 Tech Thought Leaders

Technology is changing our world in remarkable ways. The CogX Top 100 Tech Thought Leaders list celebrates the people steering these changes across technologies. The leaders profiled include industry experts, journalists, editors, investors, podcasters, commentators and politicians. The common thread is that they all have a deep understanding of technology’s impact, and share it with the world.


From Yuval Noah Harari’s illuminating writing on how to harness the power of technology, to Nina Schick’s pioneering work on generative AI, these thought leaders are both pioneers in their fields and the guiding voices of the digital era. We’re delighted that many of these leaders will be speaking at the CogX Festival this year.

Timnit Gebru is the creator and head of the Distributed Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (DAIR). Timnit acquired her PhD from Stanford University, and completed a postdoctoral program at Microsoft Research in New York City, where she studied algorithmic bias and ethical implications of programs focused on discovering insights from data. Additionally, she collaborated in creating Black in AI, a charity that works toward greater presence, inclusion, visibility, and health of Black people in the AI fielld. Gebru is also a board member of AddisCoder—a not-for-profit dedicated to teaching programming.

Timnit Gebru
Founder & Executive Director at The Distributed AI Research Institute

Professor Yuval Noah Harari is a multifaceted intellectual, acclaimed for his works in history, philosophy, and now, emerging technologies. Renowned for his works, including Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, and Unstoppable Us, he has resonated with global audiences. His books have garnered 45 million copies translated into 65 languages, a testament to his profound influence. Beyond his literary accomplishments, he has established himself as a venerated public intellectual across diverse domains. His explorations span history and literature to the latest developments in neuroscience; he provides a compelling argument that artificial intelligence will soon become our destiny.

Yuval Noah Harari
Historian, Philosopher, Bestselling Author and CogX Speaker

Prof Hannah Fry is a Professor in the Mathematics of Cities at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA). She holds a PhD in fluid dynamics and has worked in aerodynamics and social and economic complex systems. A winner of the Zeeman Medal, she also hosts documentaries, presents radio shows, podcasts, and gives talks. In print, her essays have been published in the New Yorker and other publications. She is also a best-selling author with books translated into many languages.

Hannah Fry
Professor & Author at UCL and CogX Speaker

Azeem Azhar is the founder of the Exponential View, a popular platform for analyzing tech trends. His weekly newsletter has been read by almost two hundred thousand people worldwide and his popular podcast has included interviews with Yuval Noah Harari, Reid Hoffman, and Tony Blair. Over the last three decades, he has established and invested in numerous tech companies bought by firms such as Amazon and Microsoft. He is also a member of the World Economic Forum's Global Futures Council, a senior advisor to PwC, and a contributor to publications like the Financial Times, Prospect, and the MIT Technology Review. He was the Economist's first-ever internet correspondent. Azeem lives in London.

Azeem Azhar
Founder of Exponential View

Elizabeth Varley is a respected figure in the London tech startup scene. Through her work with TechHub and other companies, she has helped grow the UK and global technology sectors, working with major corporations such as Google and BT. Elizabeth is an expert on early-stage and fast-growth tech businesses, having advised organizations like Silicon Valley Bank, Number 10, and Imperial College.

Elizabeth Varley
Advisor to global founders, startups & scale-ups

Casey Newton is the creator and executive editor of Platformer, a magazine focusing on the combination of technology and politics. Before establishing Platformer in October 2020, Newton held the Silicon Valley editorial post at The Verge. While with The Verge, his stories on American moderators employed by Facebook and Google sparked a nationwide discussion about the job conditions for this vital yet frequently disregarded sector of the labor force. His work was a nominee for the National Magazine Award in Reporting. Now, the weekly free edition of Platformer reaches more than 65,000 readers.

Casey Newton
Founder of Platformer and Co-Host of Hard Fork

Stuart Russell is a Professor of Computer Science at UC Berkeley, and holds multiple prestigious awards and fellowships. His book "Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach" (with Peter Norvig) is the standard text in AI, used in universities worldwide. His research focuses on AI's long-term future and its impact on humanity. He has developed a global seismic monitoring system for the nuclear-test-ban treaty and is working to ban lethal autonomous weapons.

Stuart Russell
Professor of Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley and CogX Speaker

Allie Miller is a top artificial intelligence leader, advisor, and investor. Previously, Allie was the Global Head of Machine Learning Business Development for Startups and Venture Capital at Amazon (AWS), advising the top machine learning researchers and founders in the world. Prior to that, Allie was the youngest-ever woman to build an artificial intelligence product at IBM—spearheading product development across computer vision, conversation, data, and regulation for thousands of companies. Allie has spoken about AI around the world, advises on global AI public policy, and created eight guidebooks to educate businesses on how to build successful AI projects. Allie has many awards under her belt, LinkedIn Top Voice for Technology and AI 2019 & 2020 & 2021, Neptune’s Top 20 AI Influencers, and Award Magazine’s Top 50 Women in Tech to name a few. Allie is also the co-founder of Girls of the Future, a national ambassador for the American Association for the Advancement of Science, an ambassador for a 10,000-person organisation Advancing Women in Product, and an angel investor in machine learning startups.

Allie Miller
AI Advisor and Investor

QuHarrison Terry is a prolific writer known for his bestselling books "The NFT Handbook" and "The Metaverse Handbook," both translated into numerous languages. His writings have been featured across a wide variety of publications, from WIRED to Forbes. Alongside this, he has garnered the prestigious LinkedIn Top Voices for Technology award on four occasions. You could consider him as one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in the tech world today. QuHarrison has offered guidance to Mark Cuban several times and advised more than 200 venture companies. He is also an accomplished telecom marketer and co-hosts CNBC's prime-time show "No Retreat: Business Bootcamp."

Quharrison Terry
Author & Entrepreneur

Tom Davenport is a thought leader, esteemed author, and respected academic. He has served as the President's Distinguished Professor of Information Technology and Management at Babson College, where he is also a Fellow of the Center for Digital Business. Tom co-founded the International Institute for Analytics and serves on the executive team of Deloitte Analytics. A pioneer in analytics and big data, his work has deeply influenced process innovation and knowledge management. His books, including "The AI Advantage" and "Harnessed," provide actionable insights for leveraging AI and cognitive technologies, earning him recognition as a Top Voice by LinkedIn.

Tom Davenport
Distinguished Professor at Babson College

Yann André LeCun is a distinguished French computer scientist. His groundbreaking contributions span machine learning, vision, mobile robotics and computational neuroscience. LeCun's legacy thrives on his pioneering work in optical character recognition, computer vision, and the development of Convolutional Neural Networks. Additionally, he played a pivotal role in conceiving the DjVu image compression technology, a collaborative effort with Léon Bottou and Patrick Haffner, as well as accelerating their conceptualisation of Lush programming language. In recognition of his monumental contributions to artificial intelligence, Yann was awarded the prestigious 2018 Turing Award, akin to the "Nobel Prize of computing." This honour recognises Yann's significant contribution to Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Yann LeCun
VP & Chief AI Scientist at Meta

Dubbed the "conscience of Silicon Valley" by The Atlantic, Tristan Harris spent years as a design ethicist at Google sculpting a blueprint for ethical tech use. He founded the Center for Humane Technology, aiming to counter “human downgrading” and realign tech with humanity. Featured in Netflix's documentary The Social Dilemma, he hosts Your Undivided Attention podcast. Rolling Stone hailed him as a top world shaper and Fortune recognized him in 40 under 40 for reforming technology. His nonprofit Time Well Spent sparked Apple and Google's Digital Wellbeing initiatives. His insightful work covers TED, HBO, 60 Minutes, and more, driving the discourse on ethical technology.

Tristan Harris
Co-Founder & Executive Director at the Centre for Humane Technology

Thomas Pueyo is a renowned tech expert and writer. He is the creator of the famous Uncharted Terroritories newsletter as well as the Chief Product Officer at Ankorstore. For over a decade, Thomas has been working in Silicon Valley, developing products used by hundreds of millions of people. Before this, Thomas obtained an MBA from Stanford plus two Master's degrees in Engineering from Ecole Centrale Paris and ICAI Madrid.

Tomas Pueyo
Chief Product Officer at Ankorstore

Tom Merritt is an acclaimed independent tech podcaster renowned for his various shows. His portfolio includes "Sword and Laser," "Daily Tech News Show," and "Cordkillers." He has also created "It's a Thing," "A Word with Tom Merritt," and "Know A Little More." He previously worked on the TWiT network, CNET TV, and TechTV. His influence also extends to (1996) and guest spots on ABC's Good Morning America, CBS Radio, NPR, and more.

Tom Merritt
Host of the Daily Tech News Show

Tim O’Reilly has long been a leader in the computer technology community, championing phrases such as “open source software”, “web 2.0”, “the Maker movement”, and “government as a platform”. He is the founder, CEO, and Chair of O’Reilly Media, and a partner at early stage venture firm OATV. His board service includes Code for America, PeerJ, Civis Analytics, and PopVox. WTF: What’s the Future and Why It’s Up to Us, is his book on how technological progress can shape our future economic and government states. O'Reilly also works as a Visiting Professor of Practice at University College London’s Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose, exploring ways to regulate big tech platforms by cutting down their economic rent extraction potential.

Tim O'Reilly
Founder & CEO at O'Reilly Media

Gillian Tett is chair of the editorial board and editor-at-large, US of the Financial Times. She writes weekly columns, covering a range of economic, financial, political and social issues and co-founded Moral Money, the FT sustainability newsletter. She has been named Columnist of the Year (2014), Journalist of the Year (2009) and Business Journalist of the Year (2008) in the British Press Awards, and received three awards from America's Society of Business and Economic Writers Awards. She is a best-selling author and received the Royal Anthropological Institute Marsh Award and the American Anthropological Association President Medal for her work in social science. Tett’s past roles at the FT have included US managing editor, assistant editor, capital markets editor, deputy editor of the Lex column, Tokyo bureau chief, and a reporter in Russia and Brussels.

Gillian Tett
Editorial Board Chair at the Financial Times

Tom Koulopoulos is a prolific author of 13 books and a leading digital futurist. He is the chairman of Delphi Group, an Inc Magazine fastest-growing US private companies, a commentator on MSNBC, columnist for and professor at Boston University's Graduate School of Management. He also founded the Babson College Center for Business Innovation and Executive in Residence at Bentley University, Dell Innovation Lab Executive Director and 13 book author. His work has been praised by Tom Peters and Peter Drucker.

Thomas Koulopoulos
President & Co-founder at Delphi Group

Sundar Pichai is the Chief Executive Officer of both Google and Alphabet, as well as a member of Alphabet’s Board of Directors. He joined Google in 2004 and was instrumental in designing the Google Toolbar and Chrome web browser which has since become the world’s most popular internet browser. Sundar increased his influence further in 2014 when he was given responsibility for all product and engineering across Google’s vast range of services, from Search to Android, Maps, Play, Chrome, and more. In August 2015 he became Google’s CEO, focusing on AI-driven solutions for modern life. Sundar's tenure also saw an expansion of his purview when he took on the role of CEO for Alphabet in December 2019. His achievements during this time include improvements in AI, Google Cloud, YouTube, machine learning and quantum computing.

Sundar Pichai
CEO at Alphabet Inc.

Helen Yu, an esteemed leader in digital transformation, AI, and cybersecurity, advises prominent companies including AT&T, Dell, and SAP. As an independent Board Director, she blends technology insight, cybersecurity expertise, and marketing strategy to foster informed board decisions. With a track record spanning startups to Fortune 500 firms like Oracle and Adobe, Helen has overseen over $100 million P&L globally. Boasting over 25 years in the sector, she adeptly navigates digital shifts and collaborates with senior stakeholders.

Helen Yu
Founder and CEO at Tigon Advisory Corp.

Meredith Whittaker is the Minderoo Research Professor at NYU, and the Faculty Director of the AI Now Institute. She has followed artificial intelligence since a PhD in engineering from Cornell University in 2007. Her work engages the social implications of artificial intelligence, with a focus on the political economy that drives tech’s production and use. Before AI Now she worked at Google for over ten years, where she founded Google’s Open Research Group and co-founded M-Lab, the world’s largest source of data on internet performance. She also helped lead organizing aimed at improving working conditions at the company, and helped catalyze a broader labor movement across tech. Currently she is Senior Advisor for Artificial Intelligence to the FTC Chair, and has consulted for many other governments and government agencies about artificial intelligence and technology policy.

Meredith Whittaker
President of the Signal Foundation

Marie Nadia Vincent holds the role of an Executive Advisor specializing in Digital Transformation, AI, and Innovation. She is recognized as a distinguished figure, securing her position as a Top 10 Global Digital Transformation Thought Leader by Thinkers 360. NADIA is an accomplished Senior Information Technology Manager, Author, and Advisory Board Member. She is also celebrated for her speaking engagements on professional platforms. As the founder and CEO of Digital Transformation Leaders, she leads an executive consulting firm and a digital learning platform focused on nurturing digital transformation leadership.

Marie Nadia Vincent
Digital Transformation AI & Innovation Executive Advisor

Dr. Lisa T. Su is the Chair and CEO behind AMD's transformation into a high-performance computing juggernaut. Her leadership has driven AMD's ascent among the world's fastest-growing semiconductor giants. With a background in senior roles at Freescale Semiconductor and IBM, she orchestrated seamless integration and led key aspects of semiconductor technology. Armed with electrical engineering degrees from MIT, she's a prolific author and Fellow of the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers. Acknowledged with honors including Fortune's "Business Person of the Year," the Global Semiconductor Association's Dr. Morris Chang Exemplary Leadership Award, and IEEE's Robert N. Noyce Medal, her influence spans academia, industry, and policy.

Lisa Su
CEO of Advanced Micro Devices

Lisa Seacat DeLuca leads Unstoppable Domains' engineering, design and product management efforts, pioneering the decentralised web's future. Analysed as one of World's Top Inventors by MIT Technology Review, Lisa has over 1,000 filed patents spanning IBM and other organisations. She is inducted into the WITI Hall of Fame for her work in technology leadership. A distinguished speaker on women in tech and a mentor, Lisa was also the 2009 TED Fellow—named by Bill Gates as an "inspiring business leader." Lisa also publishes regularly on Medium, a public forum where she encourages balance between passion and execution. An entrepreneur, community organiser and convener to help accelerate the change she desires in technical movements and social institutions.

Lisa Seacat DeLuca
Senior Director of Engineering at Unstoppable Domains

With over 20 years of digital operations, robotic process automation (RPA), intelligent automation, business process outsourcing (BPO), and the future of work experience, Ian Barkin is a skilled leader and innovator in his field. He is the author of several LinkedIn Learning courses on RPA and related topics, reaching thousands of learners and professionals around the world. He is also an advisor to leading process intelligence and low-code/no-code platform companies, and PROCESIO, helping them shape their vision and strategy, and grow their market presence and impact. He is a co-founder and former chief strategy officer for Symphony Ventures, a global leader in RPA/intelligence automation that was acquired by SYKES in 2018. He is a passionate advocate of the "worker of the future", believing that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and innovation can enable organizations' best people to be unleashed while lowering costs.

Ian Barkin
Founding Partner of 2BVentures

Benjamin Talin, a serial entrepreneur since the age of 13, is the founder and CEO of MoreThanDigital, a global initiative providing access to topics of the future. Talin is also a seasoned speaker, and he delves into topics from, innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship, to emerging tech. He continues to push boundaries with every venture—traversing diverse areas of digital transformation.

Benjamin Talin
CEO at MoreThanDigital

Alexandra Przegalinska, an AI expert and Associate Professor at Kozminski University, and holds a doctorate in the philosophy of artificial intelligence. As Vice-Rector for International Cooperation and ESR, she’s a prominent figure in AI education and business integration. She currently serves as a Visiting Research Fellow at MIT. With roles as an AIER Visiting Research Fellow and former MIT Research Fellow, she’s recognised for her expertise. Passionate about AI’s potential, she advises companies on its strategic use for growth. She’s an advocate for AI in everyday life, promoting understanding and applications. Her multidisciplinary background spans philosophy, management, and technology, making her a leading voice in AI's influence on modern society.

Alexandra Przegalinska
Associate Professor at Kozminski University

Spiros Margaris is a venture capitalist, futurist, keynote speaker and senior advisor to numerous enterprises: Natech, stc Pay, wefox, SparkLabs Global, mediastalker, and CAT Financial Products. As the first international influencer to achieve ‘The Triple Crown’ ranking (Global № 1 FinTech, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence influencer by Onalytica), he remains in the top three of global industry influencer rankings. He often speaks at international FinTech and InsurTech events and gave a TEDxAcademy Talk. His AI white paper on “Machine learning in financial services: Changing the rules of the game” was published for SAP.

Spiros Margaris
VC, Advisor & Board Member at Margaris ventures

Samuel Harris Altman is an American entrepreneur, investor, and programmer. He co-founded Loopt and heads OpenAI as its CEO. He has previously held the presidency of Y Combinator and was made the head of Reddit for a short period. Altman's investments go to technology startups and nuclear energy companies, with Airbnb, Stripe, Reddit, Asana, Pinterest, Teespring, Shoptiques, Instacart, Optimizely, Verbling, Soylent, and Retro Biosciences among his portfolio.

Sam Altman
CEO at OpenAI

Dr. Safiya U. Noble, Faculty Director of the Center on Race & Digital Justice and Co-Director of Minderoo Initiative on Tech & Power at UCLA, wrote "Algorithms of Oppression: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism." She is a MacArthur Foundation Fellow, NAACP-Archewell Digital Civil Rights Award recipient, Oxford Internet Institute at University of Oxford Commissioner, chartering member of International Panel on the Information Environment, Interim Director of UCLA DataX Initiative and involved with Cyber Civil Rights Initiative and Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies.

Safiya Umoja Noble
Associate Professor at UCLA

Ronald van Loon, CEO of Intelligent World, connects businesses, experts, and influencers to generate content and facilitate collaboration. As a thought leader in fields such as big data, IoT, AI, machine learning, 5G, deep learning, predictive analytics, cloud, edge, and data science. He has also earned recognition as a Top 10 Global Influencer and Thought Leader. With over 450,000 followers across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, Ronald is an engaging social media force.

Ronald van Loon
CEO at Intelligent World

Rana el Kalioby is a scientist, entrepreneur, author, and AI expert. Her mission is to instill emotional intelligence in our digital landscape. She served as Co-Founder & CEO of Affectiva, Deputy CEO at Smart Eye, and is an executive fellow of Harvard Business School. She authored "Girl Decoded," has secured $50 million in funding for Affectiva, and advocates for ethical AI development and diversity in tech. She also works with the MIT Media Lab E14 Fund, SIMPEDs at Boston Children’s Hospital, and AUC.

Rana el Kalioby
Deputy CEO at Smart Eye and CogX Speaker

Nina Schick is an accomplished author, entrepreneur, and consultant focusing on Generative AI. Her purpose is to make AI readily available, having published the first book on AI-generated content in 2020. Nina has consulted for global leaders and organizations, such as Joe Biden and Microsoft. As a public speaker, she has been invited to high profile events such as TEDx CogX and WebSummit. Her debut work 'DEEPFAKES' was launched in 2020 and has been translated into five languages.

Nina Schick
Author, Entrepreneur and CogX Speaker

Nilay Patel is a co-founder of The Verge and, former Managing Editor of Engadget, and 10-time "voice that matters" in technology journalism recipient. He hosts the Webby Award-winning Vergecast podcast and appears on various media outlets. He graduated with an AB in Political Science from the University of Chicago in 2003 and a J.D. from the University of Wisconsin Law School in 2006.

Nilay Patel
Editor-in-Chief at The Verge

Nick Thompson is the CEO of The Atlantic and a former Editor in Chief for Wired. Additionally, he is currently working on Speakeasy.AI, a project to create an online platform for positive conversations. Mr. Thompson has also been a contributing editor with CBS and CNN, as well as a frequent presenter about technology topics, and the co-founder of The Atavist - a digital magazine and publishing platform now owned by WordPress. Before joining Wired, Nick worked as senior editor at The New Yorker before being promoted to edit the

Nick Thompson
CEO at The Atlantic and Co-Founder of Speakeasy AI

Neha Narula is the Head of the Digital Currency Initiative at the MIT Media Lab. Her key areas of exploration are digital money and distributed networks. She is part of the Innovation Advisory Board for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and an advisor to Paypal's Blockchain, Crypto, and Digital Currencies advisory committee. Neha has delivered a TED talk about the future of currency and was featured on WIRED's listing of 25 leaders influencing the following quarter century of tech. In 2015 she earned her PhD in computer science from MIT, having written up research on high-speed, large-scale databases. Prior to that she had been a major software engineer at Google.

Neha Narula
Director of the Digital Currency Initiative at MIT Media Lab

Nathan Benaich is the founder and head of Air Street Capital, an enterprise that invests in artificial intelligence-focused technology and life science organizations. Along with authoring the yearly State of AI Report and writing the monthly Guide to AI newsletter, he also established The Research and Applied AI Summit. This gathering is for entrepreneurs and researchers who are passionate about AI. Nathan is also the Managing Trustee of The RAAIS Foundation.

Nathan Benaich
Founder at Air Street Capital

Mustafa Suleyman is an award-winning AI expert and tech entrepreneur. He co-founded DeepMind, and held senior roles in numerous companies, including Reos Partners, Google, and Greylock venture capital firm. At Oxford University he helped start a non-profit phone counseling service for young people with mental health issues. He has been recognized for his work with the Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire and Silicon Valley Visionary Award. Mustafa is a Senior Fellow at The Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard Kennedy School, and is on The Economist Board of Directors.

Mustafa Suleyman
CEO & Co-Founder at Inflection AI and CogX Speaker

Mike Butcher MBE is the London-based Editor-at-large for TechCrunch and co-founder of Pathfounder editorial events. He writes for UK national newspapers and magazines, has spoken at various tech conferences, and is a judge on The Apprentice UK. GQ magazine named him one of the 100 Most Connected Men in the UK. In 2016, he was awarded an MBE for services to the UK technology industry and journalism.

Mike Butcher
Editor-at-Large at TechCrunch

Michael Nielsen is a writer, scientist, and programmer. His work advocates for open science with contributions to quantum teleportation, quantum gate teleportation, and quantum process tomography. He has a scientific background from various institutions such as the University of Queensland and Los Alamos National Laboratory, and in 2008 he moved away from academia to champion open science. He is currently crafting a technical book exploring artificial neural networks and deep learning.

Michael Nielsen
Quantum Physicist

Meltem serves as the Chief Strategy Officer at CoinShares. A seasoned digital asset investor, Meltem’s expertise helps firm up growth and acceptance of the digital assets. She works to support both investors and entrepreneurs in their journey through the industry, overseeing strategic investments and growth at CoinShares. So far, she’s invested in over 250 companies within the digital asset world, first at Digital Currency Group as part of the founding team and then after moving to CoinShares. Furthermore, Meltem teaches at Oxford University and encourages crypto education while promoting civil liberties, consumer privacy, and free speech. Prior to her interest in bitcoin, she had a successful career in oil & gas trading, treasury and M&A roles.

Meltem Demirors
Chief Strategy Officer at CoinShares

Matthew Rosenquist is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for Eclipz and a former Cybersecurity Strategist for Intel Corp. He has 30 years in cyber, physical, and information security where he specializes in strategy, cost-effectiveness, and optimal levels of cybersecurity, privacy, ethics, and safety. As a keynote speaker and published author on multiple topics, Mr. Rosenquist is active in the industry to tackle pressing problems and consults with academic, business, and government audiences worldwide.

Matthew Rosenquist
Chief Information Security Officer at Inc

Matt Huang is a Managing Partner and an integral founding member of Paradigm. Previously, he was a partner at Sequoia Capital, focusing on investments in early-stage business ventures and leading their cryptocurrency operations. Matt previously founded Hotspots - a Y Combinator backed company eventually purchased by Twitter in 2012 - and acted as an angel investor for companies like Bytedance and Instacart. His involvement in the crypto space began when he became one of the first purchasers of Bitcoin from MtGox back in 2012. He earned his B.S. in Mathematics from MIT.

Matt Huang
Co-Founder at Paradigm

Martin Harbech is the Group Director at Meta, where he helps major brands take advantage of a range of applications and services experienced with Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, Workplace, and Quest. Primarily based in London, Martin has had experience working for numerous tech giants such as Google, Amazon, and Meta. He is an opinion leader in the industry for his perspectives on technology and innovation which have seen him be recognised as a 'Top Voice' by LinkedIn consecutively from 2020 to 2022.

Martin Harbech
Group Director at Meta

Martha Lane Fox, Baroness Lane-Fox of Soho, CBE is a British businesswoman, philanthropist, and public servant. Her contributions to the internet revolution of the early 2000s with co-founding Last Minute are legendary. She is also involved in a number of board memberships and trusteeships that includes WeTransfer, Chanel and The Queen's Commonwealth Trust. She served on the board of Channel 4 for a period of time. In 2013 she was appointed as a crossbencher in the House of Lords making her the youngest female member. In 2014 she was appointed Chancellor at the Open University and in October 2019, The Drum media and marketing publication honored her as being Britain's most influential woman in the digital sector over the past 25 years.

Martha Lane Fox
Chair at WeTransfer

Matt Clifford is the co-founder and CEO of Entrepreneur First (EF), the world’s leading talent investor, and Chair of ARIA, the UK’s Advanced Research and Invention Agency. Outside EF, Matt serves on the boards of Code First Girls, which he co-founded, the Kennedy Memorial Trust, and Innovate UK. Clifford was also awarded an MBE for services to business in the Queen’s Birthday Honours in 2016.

Matt Clifford
CEO of Entrepreneur First, Sherpa for AI Safety Summit

Mark Zuckerberg is an American business magnate, software programmer, and generous philanthropist who founded the well-known social media website Facebook and its parent company Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook, Inc.), of which he serves as executive chairman, CEO, and controlling shareholder.

Mark Zuckerberg
Co-founder & CEO of Meta

Mark Lynd is an accomplished executive, CIO & CISO with 25+ years in technology, cybersecurity, and AI. He is a sought-after thought leader and speaker for leading organizations like Oracle, IBM Watson, Cisco, HP, Dell, AT&T, Intel. Achievements include: #1 Release in Teen & Young Adult Nonfiction on Cyberbullying (#1 Security Thinkers360 2022); Top Global Cybersecurity Speaker (Onalytica); Top 5 Global Thought Leader for AI (Thinkers360 2022 & 2023); one of Awards Magazine's Top 100 Tech Thought Leaders to Follow in 2022; Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist 2000 - Southwest Region; Featured in "Cyber Minds" Book. Developed Expert System & Genetic Algorithms.

Mark Lynd
Head of Executive Advisory & Corporate Strategy at NETSYNC

Marietje Schaake is the International Policy Director at Stanford University's Cyber Policy Center and a fellow for the Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence. From 2009 to 2019, she represented the Dutch liberal democratic party as a Member of the European Parliament, focusing on trade, foreign affairs, and technology policies. Additionally, Marietje contributes to non-profits such as MERICS, ECFR, ORF, and AccessNow. She also writes monthly columns for the Financial Times. Recently, she has been appointed an independent Special Advisor to European Commission Executive Vice-President Margrethe Vestager. She is also a part of President Macron's 'Tech Thinkers' Advisory Council.

Marietje Schaake
International Policy Director at the Cyber Policy Centre, Stanford University

Fridman launched his career with Google, working in machine learning. Nowadays, he works as a research scientist at MIT. In 2017, his work concentrated on computer vision, deep learning, and algorithms for semi-autonomous vehicles. After this, Fridman shifted from AgeLab to be a researcher at the university due to a controversy around a Tesla Autopilot-related study. He also hosts the very successful Lex Fridman podcast, with topics ranging from science, technology, history, philosophy and the nature of intelligence, to consciousness, love, and power.

Lex Fridman
Research Scientist at MIT and Podcast Host on Lex Fridman Podcast

Lavinia D. Osbourne is an established agent for blockchain change and NFT development, winning awards such as the National Diversity Award for Community Organisation and Best Diversity Resource/Initiative Award. She is a Wirex's Rising Women in Crypto 2021, LinkedIn Top Voice 2021, TechWomen100 winner 2020 and CogX Gender Leadership Winner 2022. Lavinia works to breakdown barriers by raising underrepresented voices through her podcast, membership, and Women in Blockchain Talks community. She is a champion for diversity and raw potential.

Lavinia D. Osbourne
Founder at Women in Blockchain Talks

Lauren Goode is a seasoned writer at WIRED, specializing in consumer tech matters. Her work delves into the interplay between emerging technologies and human experiences, often conveyed through immersive personal essays. Her areas of expertise encompass communication apps, commerce trends, AR and VR, subscription services, data ownership, devices, and the profound influence of Silicon Valley culture on our product landscape. Lauren's background includes stints at The Verge, Recode, and The Wall Street Journal.

Lauren Goode
Senior Staff Writer at Wired

Kirk Borne is an influencer specialising in data science, machine learning, data mining, big data, astronomy and more. He has been elected Fellow of the American Astronomical Society for lifetime contributions to astronomy. His specialties include public/inspirational/technical speaking, consulting and advising in many disciplines, data science research, astronomical databases, scientific data mining, and project management.

Kirk Borne
Founder at Data Leadership Group

Almani, an accomplished academic and tech innovator, embarked on her educational journey in Riyadh and achieved a Master's in computer science with a focus on semantic-based image retrieval from King Saud University. Her pursuit of knowledge continued as she earned a PhD from Loughborough University, where she spearheaded the Virtual Tech Accelerator (VTA) digital platform, revolutionizing digital entrepreneurship. Today, Almani is a key figure at Forward Angel Investment, supporting global digital startups. Her academic background led her to establish KM Technology, collaborating with a foreign tech company to drive Saudi Arabia's digital transformation through AI, robotics, and metaverse technology. Almani's impact earned her numerous awards: globally among the top 32 technical thought leaders at MWC Barcelona, Global Technical Thought Leadership Medal in 2022, and Top 10 global influencer in AI, IT, and data science.

Khulood Almani
Founder & CEO at HKB Tech

A prominent figure in technology journalism, Kevin Roose holds the position of a technology columnist and podcast host at The New York Times. The author of three bestselling books, including "Futureproof: 9 Rules for Humans in the Age of Automation," his expertise lies in exploring the impact of technology on society. Kevin co-hosts "Hard Fork," a New York Times podcast delving into the realm of technology and the future, and hosts "Rabbit Hole," an 8-part audio series delving into internet culture. With a background in investigative journalism, Kevin's work has spanned diverse topics such as A.I., social media, online extremism, and emerging trends.

Kevin Roose
Co-Host on Hard Fork and Technology Columnist at the New York Times

Kara Swisher is the co-founder and editor-at-large of Recode, producer of Recode Decode and Pivot podcasts, and co-executive producer of the Code Conference series. She also hosts an MSNBC special series called Revolution and contributes opinion pieces to the New York Times. With Walt Mossberg, she co-founded Recode and, created in 2007, along with the "D: All Things Digital" conference series. Swisher's writing appeared in the Wall Street Journal (including her column "BoomTown") before she received her undergraduate degree from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and graduate degree at Columbia University’s School of Journalism. She is the author of two books.

Kara Swisher
Podcast Host & Journalist

Since age 15, professor Jürgen Schmidhuber's main goal has been to build an AI smarter than himself and retire. His lab's Deep Learning Neural Network (NN) revolutionised machine learning and AI, leading to CTC-trained Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM). In 2010, his team achieved superhuman performance on computer vision contests with DanNet and then introduced the Highway Net--the first working deep feedforward NN with hundreds of layers. His team’s NNs are used in healthcare and medicine, they introduced metalearning machines, generative adversarial neural networks, neural fast weight programmers, Low-Complexity Art, etc. He is Chief Scientist of NNAISENSE and recipient of numerous awards.

Jürgen Schmidhuber
Director of the AI Initiative at KAUST and CogX Speaker

Michelle Donelan is a British politician serving as Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology since July 2023, having served in the position from February to April 2023 also. Donelan previously served in the Johnson government as Minister of State for Higher and Further Education from 2020 to 2022 and as Secretary of State for Education for two days during the July 2022 government crisis. She also served under Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak as Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport from September 2022 to February 2023.She is a member of the Conservative Party and has been Member of Parliament (MP) for Chippenham in Wiltshire since 2015.

Michelle Donelan
Member of Parliament

Dr. Joy Buolamwini is a computer scientist, poet of code, and founder of the Algorithmic Justice League. Through her TED feature, MIT thesis, Global Tech Panel, and documentary "Coded Bias," she has shed light on AI bias and harms. She has written op-eds for TIME Magazine and New York Times, and created the spoken word visual audit "AI, Ain't I A Woman?" Her work has landed her on Forbes 30 under 30, Bloomberg50, Time Next 100 and Fast Company cover. A Rhodes Scholar and Fulbright Fellow from Georgia Institute of Technology, Oxford University and MIT, she works to create an equitable world with more accountable technology.

Joy Buolamwini
Founder at Algorithmic Justice League

Joanna Stern is a decorated journalist who has spent the last twenty years covering technology, gadgets, and apps. Her documentary “E-Ternal: A Tech Quest to Live Forever” won an Emmy in the category of outstanding science, technology or environmental coverage during the 2021 awards ceremony. Stern is also a contributor with CNBC and often makes appearances on national television and radio programs to discuss her work. Prior to joining the Journal in 2013, she was an editor and reviewer with The Verge and before that, ABC News' Technology Editor. She holds a degree from Union College in Schenectady, New York.

Joanna Stern
Senior Personal Technology Columnist at The Wall Street Journal

James Manyika is a senior partner emeritus at McKinsey & Company and chairman/director emeritus of the MGI. He now serves as Senior Vice President of Technology and Society at Google, reporting directly to Alphabet's CEO. He has authored several books and published numerous articles on AI, robotics, economics, and the future of work, and is involved in research institutes such as Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. A Rhodes Scholar, he holds a doctoral degree from Oxford in AI and robotics, mathematics, and computer science, and an electrical engineering degree from the University of Zimbabwe.

James Manyika
Senior Vice President of Technology and Society at Google

James Gingerich is a Senior Technology Sales executive with proven results in the high-tech industry. He has excellent time management, organization and strategic planning expertise, and leverages social media to amplify corporate branding. He was named to Onalytica's Who's Who in Industry 4.0 (2021), Automation (2021) and Robotic Process Automation (2020) along with being part of The Awards Magazine's Top 100 Global Thought Leaders (2020). He also ranked in Techopedia's Big Data Experts (2013), The 150 Most Influential People In Big Data and Hadoop (2015), and Onalytica's Top 100 Business Intelligence Influencers list (2018).

James Gingerich
Director of Sales and Business Development at EXPEFLOW Inc.

Jack Clark is a senior figure in the AI industry. He co-founded Anthropic, acts as a co-chair of the AI Index and Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence, and serves as an expert member of the OECD's working group on AI and Compute. Additionally, he is a non-resident research fellow at the Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET). In his down time, Jack runs Import AI, a newsletter about artificial intelligence that reaches more than 25,000 people worldwide. Before founding Anthropic, Jack worked as policy director at OpenAI, an AI research company.

Jack Clark
Co-Founder at Anthropic

Ilya Sutskever is the Co-founder and Chief Scientist of OpenAI. Prior to this, he was part of Google Brain Team as a Research Scientist for three years. At the start of his career, Ilya was part of Toronto's Machine Learning group under the mentorship of Geoffrey Hinton. He later pursued his postdoc in Stanford under Andrew Ng's group.After that, he co-founded DNNresearch.

Ilya Sutskever
Co-Founder and Chief Scientist at OpenAI

Manuela Maria Veloso is the Head of J.P. Morgan AI Research & Herbert A. Simon University Professor in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, where she was previously Head of the Machine Learning Department. She served as president of Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) until 2014, and the co-founder and a Past President of the RoboCup Federation. She is a fellow of AAAI, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), and Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). She is an international expert in artificial intelligence and robotics.

Manuela M. Veloso
Head of J.P. Morgan Chase AI Research

Ian Hogarth achieved a first-class honours degree in engineering from Cambridge and learnt Mandarin in Beijing. He co-founded Songkick which is now used by 15 million music fans to discover concerts. His interest in Artificial Intelligence dates back to 2004 when he created a computer vision system for classifying cancer biopsy images. Since 2014, he has invested in over 50 AI start-ups across industries and since 2018 has been a co-author on the State of AI Report. He currently acts as chair of Phasecraft, a quantum computing start-up, and has involvement with Plural investing in science and tech frontiers.

Ian Hogarth
Co-Founder at Plural

Ian Bremmer is a political scientist and the president and founder of Eurasia Group and GZERO Media. He provides insightful commentary on domestic and global issues, hosts GZERO World, appears frequently on major news networks, and wrote two New York Times best sellers. His books cover topics such as the rise of populism, global crises and the technological revolution with solutions for creating prosperity and opportunity.

Ian Bremmer
President at Eurasia Group and CogX Speaker

Greg Brockman is an American investor, software developer, and entrepreneur. He started out at MIT in 2010 before joining Stripe, where he served as Chief Technology Officer from 2013 to 2015. After departing the company, he co-founded OpenAI, where he serves as both President and CTO.

Greg Brockman
President, Chairman & Co-Founder of OpenAI

Gergely Orosz is the creator of the most popular technology newsletter on Substack. Every week, he shares his expertise, insights, and motivation related to the software development field. This newsletter appeals particularly to engineering managers and experienced engineers in tech companies and startups. The list of subscribers has been growing steadily since it began, now boasting 400,000 tech professionals per issue. This is what Gergely dedicates himself to after having left Uber, where he was a software engineer and engineering manager. Prior to Uber, he worked for Skyscanner, Skype, JP Morgan and other smaller firms. He authored Building Mobile Apps at Scale, Growing as a Mobile Engineer and is currently writing The Software Engineer's Guidebook.

Gergely Orosz
Writer and Advisor at The Pragmatic Engineer

Geoffrey Hinton received his PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Edinburgh in 1978. After five years as a faculty member at Carnegie-Mellon he became a fellow of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research and moved to the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto where he is now an emeritus professor. He was also a VP Engineering fellow at Google. Geoffrey Hinton was one of the researchers who introduced the backpropagation algorithm and the first to use backpropagation for learning word embeddings. His other contributions to neural network research include Boltzmann machines, distributed representations, time-delay neural nets, mixtures of experts, variational learning and deep learning. His research group in Toronto made major breakthroughs in deep learning that revolutionized speech recognition and object classification. Geoffrey Hinton is a fellow of the UK Royal Society and a foreign member of the US National Academy of Engineering and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. His awards include the David E. Rumelhart prize, the IJCAI award for research excellence, the Killam prize for Engineering, the IEEE Frank Rosenblatt medal, the NSERC Herzberg Gold Medal, the IEEE James Clerk Maxwell Gold medal, the NEC C&C award, the BBVA award, the Honda Prize and the Turing Award.

Geoffrey Hinton
Emeritus Professor at the University of Toronto

Gary Vaynerchuk is a leading global thinker on culture and the internet. As an angel investor in companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, he understands how to bring brand relevance to the forefront. He owns VaynerMedia, an advertising agency, plus VaynerSports, Resy, Empathy Wines, and other ventures. Gary has over 30 million social media followers and hosts a popular 'Audio Experience' podcast. He's a New York Times Best-Selling Author, sought-after public speaker, board member of several companies, and Well Member of Charity: Water.

Gary Vaynerchuk
Serial entrepreneur, Chairman of VaynerX and the CEO of VaynerMedia

Dr. Ganapathi Pulipaka is Chief Data Scientist and SAP Technical Lead at DeepSingularity LLC, as well as a PostDoc Research Scholar in Computer Science Engineering. He holds two PhDs, has authored two best-selling books, and is a top influencer in Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AI. His achievements include articles, eBooks, keynote addresses, and impressive rankings in tech communities. His expertise encompasses artificial intelligence, SAP development, solution architecture, and more.

Ganapathi Pulipaka
Chief Data Scientist & SAP Technical Lead at Accenture

Dr. Fei-Fei Li is the Sequoia Professor in Computer Science at Stanford University and co-director of Stanford’s Human-Centered AI Institute. She was previously the Director of Stanford’s AI Lab, Vice President at Google, and Chief Scientist at Google Cloud. Dr. Li earned her B.A. degree in Physics from Princeton with High Honors and received her Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Caltech. Her research interests include cognitively inspired AI, machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, and AI+healthcare. Dr. Li invented ImageNet and the ImageNet Challenge and is a leading voice for diversity in STEM and AI education, as well as an advocate for responsible technology use. She has been a keynote speaker at numerous influential conferences and was recognized as a Global Thinker by Foreign Policy and one of the “Great Immigrants: The Pride of America” by the Carnegie Foundation.

Fei-Fei Li
Inaugural Sequoia Professor in the Computer Science Department at Stanford University

Eric Topol is a Professor of Molecular Medicine, Executive Vice-President of Scripps Research, and Founder/Director of the Translational Institute. He has published over 1300 articles with 300,000 citations, is in the National Academy of Medicine, and has been awarded more than $250M from NIH for his research programs. Topol also authored 3 bestseller books on the future of medicine: : The Creative Destruction of Medicine, The Patient Will See You Now and latest Deep Medicine: How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Healthcare Human Again.

Eric Topol
Founder & Director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute, CogX Speaker

Emad Mostaque is a British mathematician and computer scientist best known as the founder of Stability AI. After graduating from Oxford, he worked 13 years in the hedge fund industry. In late 2020, Mostaque founded Stability AI with $10 million, and later secured a $100 million seed round. In March 2023, Mostaque signed an open letter for all AI labs to pause training of AI systems more powerful than GPT-4.

Emad Mostaque
CEO of Stability AI and CogX Speaker

Elon Musk cofounded six companies, including electric car maker Tesla, rocket producer SpaceX and tunneling startup Boring Company. He owns about 23% of Tesla between stock and options, and is founder of SpaceX, worth $127 billion. Musk also founded the Boring Company, which aims to defeat traffic, and raised $675 million in April 2022 at a $5.7 billion valuation. Musk now owns an estimated 74% of the company.

Elon Musk
Co-Founder & Owner of Tesla, X Corp, SpaceX, Neuralink and The Boring Company

Eileen Burbidge is a Director for Fertifa and Founding Partner at Passion Capital. She has been labelled "The Queen of British VC" and one of the most influential venture capitalists in London due to her experience with tech companies such as Yahoo!, Skype, and Apple. Eileen serves on several boards and was appointed UK Treasury's Special Envoy for Fintech by the Chancellor; she also partook in Prime Minister David Cameron’s Business Advisory Group and chaired Tech Nation for five years. For recognition, she received an MBE in 2015 and holds a BSc Engineering degree in Computer Science from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Eileen Burbidge
Partner at Passion Capital

Dr. Efi Pylarinou is a distinguished Wall Street veteran and former academic who has become one of the world's leading fintech & tech thought leaders. She holds a Ph.D. in Finance and is a sought-after Content creator, Host, Author, and Speaker. She teaches at The Fast Future Executive, lecturing on the Future of Finance & Money. Her expertise has been recognized with several awards. In 2022 she was named to the Top 50 Digital Futurists list and Top Linkedin & Twitter Voice by Engatica. Onalytica ranked her among their 2021 & 2022 Top 20 Fintech Influencers and Top 20 in ' Who's Who in AI' professional influencers 2021. Dr. Pylarinou was also Refinitiv's No.1 Global Woman Influencer in Finance & Data Conversation in 2019 & 2020 and Awards Magazine listed her as one of the 100 Tech Influencers to follow.

Efi Pylarinou
Founder of Pylarinou Advisory

Dr. Ebtesam Almazrouei is the Executive director and acting Chief AI researcher for the Al-Cross Center Unit at TII. She led the development of Falcon LLM models which outperformed BLOOM-62 and GPT-3, as well as Noor, the world’s largest Arabic large language model (LLM) in 2022. Dr. Almazrouei earned a distinguished reputation in the industry and was featured in Leading AI Women in the World in 2023. Additionally, she is an advocate for sustainability and AI for Good initiatives, and leads big data expert subcommittee of UAE Council for AI & Blockchain & WWRF Steering board member. In addition to her work, she is a scientific author, patent inventor, entrepreneur, and renowned speaker.

Dr. Ebtesam Almazrouei
Chief Scientist at Technology Innovation Institute (TII) and CogX Speaker

Dinis Guarda is devoted to researching and creating innovative solutions for the betterment of society, businesses, and organizations. As an author and global influencer/thought leader, he regularly writes and reflects on the current challenges facing humanity and our cities. Through his work, Dinis has earned recognition from many platforms such as thinkers360, Cointelegraph, cryptoweekly100, Forbes and more.

Dinis Guarda
Founder & CEO of Ztudium

Demis Hassabis is the co-founder and CEO of DeepMind, an AI company acquired by Google in 2014. He leads Google's general AI efforts, including AlphaGo, the first system to beat a professional Go player. Demis was a child chess prodigy who finished A-levels early and coded the multi-million selling game Theme Park aged 17. After Cambridge University and tech startups, he completed a PhD in cognitive neuroscience at UCL followed by postdocs at MIT and Harvard. His research connecting memory with imagination was listed among Science's top ten breakthroughs of 2007. He is also a 5-time World Games Champion, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and recipient of the Mullard Award 2014.

Demis Hassabis
Co-Founder & CEO of Google DeepMind

Dalith Steiger has been at the forefront of cognitive technology since its early days, and her exceptional work in this field has made her one of the leading voices in the global AI ecosystem. Born in Israel and raised in Switzerland, Dalith studied mathematics at the University of Zurich before co-founding SwissCognitive with Andy Fitze, an award-winning AI start-up that is revolutionizing the industry. She is also a key opinion leader on the cutting-edge topic of artificial intelligence and advises companies around the world on their AI strategy. Her expertise in this area has earned her a place on several boards and juries, including leading the Swiss IT Leadership Forum. Furthermore, she mentors young girls interested in tech and supports the Swiss Israel Chamber of Commerce.

Dalith Steiger
Co-Founder of SwissCognitive

Connie Chan is a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, where she specializes in investing in consumer technology. She worked as a deal partner on the team before becoming a general partner in 2018 and now serves on the boards of Cider, Whatnot, and KoBold. Prior to joining Andreessen Horowitz, Connie was at HP leading its webOS initiatives in China and earlier held a role as a private equity investor with Elevation Partners, focusing on media and entertainment. Often sought for her expertise in translating tech trends from the East to the West, Connie has won a Sidney award for writing about WeChat and is a Young Global Leader with the World Economic Forum. She earned both her B.A. in Economics and her M.S. in Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University.

Connie Chan
General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

Christopher Mims is a columnist for The Wall Street Journal tech bureau in San Francisco. He produces articles ranging from bidets to brain implants, from the cult of the founder to robotics, from energy sources to telepresence, from microchips to 3D printing and autonomous vehicles on land, sea, and air. Before joining the Wall Street Journal, Christopher wrote about technology at Quartz; he has also won an award for commentary and written a book called “Arriving Today” on how supply chains function.

Christopher Mims
Technology Columnist at The Wall Street Journal

Chris Olah is an expert in deciphering artificial neural networks and translating them into comprehensible algorithms. He played a pivotal role in establishing Anthropic, an AI lab that prioritizes the safety of large models. In his previous work, he spearheaded research on interpretability at OpenAI and worked for Google Brain. Additionally, he co-founded Distill, which produced a scientific journal dedicated to exceptional communication.

Chris Olah
Co-founder of Anthropic

Chamath Palihapitiya is the creator of Social Capital, a venture fund devoted to assisting entrepreneurs with the resources and time they need to become successful. He was initially part of Facebook's executive staff during its early stages, aiding in the platform's growth. Chamath had formerly held positions at The Mayfield Fund, AOL, and Winamp.He grew up in Canada and earned an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Waterloo.

Chamath Palihapitiya
Founder & CEO of Social Capital

Cathy Hackl is a globally recognized metaverse expert, tech futurist, and top business executive with deep experience working in metaverse-related fields with companies like HTC VIVE, Magic Leap, and Amazon Web Services. She’s the founder and Chief Metaverse Officer at Journey, where she leads Journey's Metaverse Studio working with the world's top brands on metaverse/Web3 strategies, NFTs, gaming, and virtual couture. Some of the greatest 2022 highlights leading the Metaverse Studio, were the creation of Walmart Land and Universe of Play for Walmart in Roblox, and then the production of virtual concert series called Electric Fest at Walmart Land. She styled Kane Brown, Madison Beer, and Yungblud in virtual couture looks for the festival. In 2023, Hackl has launched VerseLuxe a luxury tech label, that is part label and part lab. The label’s first collection is a web3 connected jewelrey capsule collection that merges the physical and virtual worlds.

Cathy Hackl
Chief Futurist & Founder of Journey

Cassie Kozyrkov is a data scientist and leader at Google with the goal of making decision Intelligence and secure, reliable AI available to everyone. She is also an in-demand keynote speaker who can bring her expertise in deep technical knowledge, analytics management, and leading organisational change to the table. She has advised on hundreds of projects, and created Google's analytics program while training more than 20,000 Googlers in statistics, decision-making, and machine learning.

Cassie Kozyrkov
Chief Decision Scientist at Google

Brian Solis is an acclaimed digital analyst, keynote speaker, and award-winning author of eight best-selling books. His most recent book, Lifescale: How to live a more creative, productive and happy life, helps readers break free from digital distractions and unlock their innate creativity. For almost three decades, he has studied the effects of technology on the business sector and society as a whole. This has made his insights sought after by top brands, celebrities, and startups alike. Brian's online presence totals over seven hundred thousand followers.

Brian Solis
Head of Global Innovation at ServiceNow

Anne Elizabeth Boden MBE is a Welsh tech entrepreneur, and founder and former CEO of UK mobile-only Starling Bank. Boden is the first woman to found a British bank, and in 2018, she received an MBE for services to financial technology. Prior to establishing Starling, Anne amassed a wealth of experience in the banking world. She worked in senior roles at several renowned financial institutions, including Allied Irish Banks, UBS, ABN AMRO, and RBS.

Anne Boden
Founder of Starling Bank

Bernard Marr is a world-renowned futurist, influencer and thought leader in the fields of business and technology, with a passion for using technology for the good of humanity. He is a best-selling author of 21 books, writes a regular column for Forbes and advises and coaches many of the world’s best-known organisations. He has over 2 million social media followers, over 1.2 million newsletter subscribers and was ranked by LinkedIn as one of the top 5 business influencers in the world and the No 1 influencer in the UK. He is the author of 20 books and hundreds of high profile reports and articles. His books have been translated into over 20 languages and have earned numerous Amazon No 1 bestselling positions, won the 2022 Business Book of the Year award, the CMI Management Book of the Year award, the Axiom book award and the WHSmith best business book award. Today, Bernard also enjoys teaching for Oxford University, Warwick Business School, the Irish Management Institute, and ICAEW. On top of that, Bernard serves as a non-executive director on the board of businesses.

Bernard Marr
Founder, Author and Futurist

For the past two decades, Benedict Evans has been examining mobile technology, media, and investments. He has held positions in equity research, strategy consulting, and venture capital. Today, Benedict is an independent analyst with a newsletter read by over 150,000 people. Benedict is well-known for his yearly presentations that explore macroeconomic and strategic trends in the tech industry. After working as a Partner at a16z for five years, he is now both Venture Partner at Entrepreneur First and Mosaic Ventures. He currently resides in London where he writes about and talks about consumer technology, ecosystems, and mobile platforms from a strategic and operational viewpoint.

Benedict Evans
Venture Partner and Analyst

Balaji S. Srinivasan is an angel investor, tech founder, and WSJ bestselling author. He was the CTO of Coinbase and General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz and has invested in many successful tech companies and crypto protocols (Akasa, Alchemy, etc.). Dr. Srinivasan cofounded (acquired by Coinbase), Counsyl (acquired by Myriad), Teleport (acquired by Topia), and Coin Center. He holds a BS/MS/PhD in Electrical Engineering and an MS in Chemical Engineering from Stanford University.

Balaji S. Srinivasan
Angel Investor

Aza is a mathematician and dark matter physicist who co-founded The Earth Species Project and the Center for Humane Technology. ESP uses machine learning to decode animal languages, potentially changing the ecological world forever. Aza is also a co-founder of the Center for Humane Technology and helped create The Social Dilemma on Netflix. He was part of early Mozilla and the son of Jef Raskin, who helped invent the first Macintosh at Apple. Aza has taken three companies from founding to acquisition, chairs the World Economic Forum's Global AI Counsel, and is named FastCompany’s Master of Design. The Earth Species Project works with top academic institutions like Cornell, MIT, University of Oxford, UC Davis, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, and the Jane Goodall Institute.

Aza Raskin
Co-Founder of the Centre for Humane Technology

Arianna Simpson is a General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz where she invests in crypto. Prior to joining Andreessen Horowitz, Arianna founded Autonomous Partners, an investment fund focused on cryptocurrencies and digital assets. She also helped launch Crystal Towers Capital, an early-stage fund investing primarily in YC companies, in 2015. Arianna previously spent time working in sales and product roles at Facebook and BitGo, an enterprise security company for bitcoin and other digital currencies. Arianna earned dual degrees in International Politics and Spanish from the Schreyer Honors College at Penn State University. She grew up in Milan, Italy.

Arianna Simpson
General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

Founder and CEO of Italian startup Digital Business Innovation Srl, Antonio Grasso is regarded as one of the top digital transformation influencers and researchers on artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, the Internet of Things, blockchain, and sustainability. He is an enterprise and public sector consultant. He collaborates with large multinationals and public institutions as an advisor, B2B influencer, author, and software innovator. Currently, he is involved In two projects by the European Commission: The Next Generation Internet and AI4Europe as ambassador and external expert. In 2021 he joined The Society of Professional Journalists as a professional member.

Antonio Grasso
Founder & CEO of Digital Business Innovation Srl

Anil Seth is a neuroscientist, author, and public speaker who has pioneered research into the brain basis of consciousness for more than twenty years. He is the author of 'Being You: A New Science of Consciousness,' an instant Sunday Times Bestseller and a 2021 Book of the Year for the Economist, New Statesman, Bloomberg, and a Science Book of the Year for the Guardian and the Financial Times. His 2017 TED talk on consciousness has been viewed more than thirteen million times, he has appeared in several films (The Most Unknown, The Search), and he has written for Aeon, The Guardian, Granta, New Scientist, and Scientific American. He was the 2017 President of the British Science Association (Psychology Section) and winner of the 2019 KidSpirit Perspectives award. He has published more than 200 academic papers and is listed in Web of Science ‘highly cited researcher’ index, which recognises the world’s most influential researchers over the past decade. He is also the lead scientist on the groundbreaking Dreamachine project.

Anil Seth
Professor of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience

Dr. Andrew Ng is a globally recognized leader in AI. He is Founder of DeepLearning.AI, Founder & CEO of Landing AI, General Partner at AI Fund, Chairman and Co-Founder of Coursera and an Adjunct Professor at Stanford University’s Computer Science Department. As a pioneer in machine learning and online education, Dr. Ng has changed countless lives through his work in AI, and has authored or co-authored over 200 research papers in machine learning, robotics and related fields. In 2013, he was named to the Time 100 list of the most influential persons in the world.

Andrew Ng
Founder & CEO of Landing AI

Amy Lewin is senior reporter at Sifted, the new media publication backed by the Financial Times, covering startups and tech in Europe. She’s a jack-of-all-trades, She covers everything from food delivery and diversity initiatives through to digital banks and doctor apps, but she’s especially interested in the “people” challenges of startups. Before joining Sifted as employee number one, Amy was features editor at Courier magazine, where she also wrote about startups.

Amy Lewin
Senior reporter at Sifted

Alex Xu is the author of the bestselling book series System Design Interview, and writes the popular ByteByteGo newsletter, which focuses on building software and system design. Xu is an experienced software engineer and entrepreneur. Previously, he worked at Twitter, Apple and Zynga.

Alex Xu

Alex Hern is a leading technology journalist, who currently is a technology reporter for The Guardian. During his time at The Guardian, he has written regular articles that specialise in all things technology. Formerly an economics reporter, Alex has had a varied career gaining experience in a number of different sectors. Before joining The Guardian, Alex worked for New Statesman. Currently The Guardian’s technology editor, Alex has reported on a number of high-profile news stories such as malware attacks on mobile devices, privacy issues with social media applications, cyber security, virtual reality and artificial intelligence, problems with ethics in the digital world, digital marketing and search engine algorithm updates to name a few.

Alex Hern
UK Technology Editor
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