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It’s CogX Festival week, and the Cinema & AI stage kicks off tomorrow at 10 a.m. at Magazine London!

Feeling lost with all the strike jargon?
Festival Edition - Issue 12 • Published 12 September, 2023

This week SAG-AFTRA locks horns with video game giants, over an 11% wage increase and pressing AI concerns. Meanwhile, Hollywood representatives will attend Schumer’s high-profile AI Summit. Will Hollywood embrace a tech-led evolution, or resist the call of silicon?

AI steals the show at Venice film fest
Issue 11 • Published 5 September, 2023

This week, Hollywood strikers rebuffed the studio's latest offer for writers to integrate with AI, noting its ‘incidental’ alignment with new copyright laws. YouTube also ramped up efforts for deep-fake detection in music, but could song-covers mislabelled as AI-generated have a devastating effect for young artists?

Is the future of filmmaking cameraless?
Issue 10 • Published 29 August 2023

This week, Hollywood gen-AI investment ramped up, with 96% of global executives backing new tech whilst a pivotal US court ruling deemed AI-generated art uncopyrightable. Is human prompting enough to make AI art human generated?

Will the new US AI copyright law hold up?
Issue 9 • Published 22 August 2023

The Hollywood strikes rage on and with global production at a standstill, UK film workers are left stranded without pay. However, there is growing acceptance that creators need compensation for use of their likeness.

Would you watch an AI stunt?
Issue 8 • Published 15 August 2023

New polling shows sympathy for Hollywood strikers whilst SAG-AFTRA President Fran Drescher called AI a “poison” in a ramp up of rhetoric.

Is AI "poison"?
Issue 7 • Published 8 August 2023

This week, Hollywood disruption continues to expand, with musicians the latest to join the fight against generative AI.

Deep fake reality TV; biometric tracking; an AI-hiring frenzy?
Issue 6 • Published 1 August 2023

Production on Snow White and Deadpool shut down as Hollywood strikes hit the UK. With 86,000 film production jobs in the UK, local economies are braced for impact.

Hollywood GPT; James Dean returns; Parliament investigates film
Issue 5 • Published 25 July 2023

Hollywood actors joined writers on strike for the first joint industrial action since 1960.

Hollywood shuts down
Issue 4 • Published 16 July 2023

Netflix’s new AI powered Magenta Green Screen (MGS) technology will produce faster and more accurate virtual film scenes.

Netflix’s new AI invention
Issue 3 • Published 11 July 2023

Voice actors are competing with cloned versions of themselves as companies use AI models trained on their voices. A

Can voice actors survive AI cloning?
Issue 2 • Published 4 July 2023

Secret Invasion, Marvel’s new series, created controversy with an AI generated opening credits sequence. Concerns about AI replacing studio jobs prompted a backlash to the Method Studios animation. Is the adoption of AI...

Concerns about AI replacing studio jobs prompted a backlash to the Method Studios animation.
Issue 1 • Published 27th June 2023
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