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The week's developments on the intersection of AI and creative content | 03.01.23

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Despite a troubling year for streaming, Netflix reigns supreme, with new monetisation schemes doubling their new UK subscribers, despite competitors facing significant losses. Meanwhile, camera titans Canon, Nikon and Sony are joining forces to fight deepfakes through firmware; will this move inspire other tech sectors to take AI safety into their own hands?


Dive deeper to discover how 'aggressive AI' is set to revolutionise gaming, why AI influencers are the darlings of the marketing industry and explore how AI-driven business deals are democratising music.


Plus, if you’re still feeling festive, check out the winner of Curious Refuge’s AI-generated holiday film contest — watch out Hallmark, AI might be coming for your gig.

—Charlie and the Research and Intelligence Team

Cinema and Industry

📽️ Streaming 2.0 - Netflix leads the pack. Despite Disney, Amazon and Apple TV all making losses in 2023, Netflix’s crackdown on password sharing, plus their ad-supported tier has seen them double new UK subscribers in the past year. Other services are expected to follow suit in 2024, with Amazon set to introduce ads this January.


📸 Canon, Nikon and Sony join forces to fight deepfakes. The collaboration will see digital signatures within photos integrated into camera design. The feature aims to safeguard image authenticity, combating the spread of misinformation through altered or AI-generated photographs. Rollout is expected in Spring 2024.


🎭Canadian actors deserve protection against AI. Following SAG-AFTRA's landmark success in AI regulation, ACTRA Toronto are increasing efforts to negotiate stronger protections. There is lingering concern among actors about the potential misuse of their images and likenesses

🎥 Pika Labs brings AI video production to the public. Pika’s text-to-video platform is free to access for non-commercial use with a Chat-GPT style web interface and editing/ generating capabilities across various styles, including 3D animation and cinematic.

Arts and Entertainment

📱Why marketing brands love AI influencers. Virtual influencers are gaining substantial followings and landing lucrative deals, challenging humans in the $21 billion content creator economy. Brands love them, as they offer companies increased control and reduced controversy - but their rise is raising ethical concerns over creativity and authenticity.


🤖Will AI kill photography? With gen-AI blurring the lines between authentic and virtual creation we’re prompted with a reevaluation of 'what constitutes a photograph?' This article features insights from artists who integrate AI into their work, evaluating its potential to both enhance and disrupt the photography industry.


🎮Gaming giant to take an ‘aggressive’ approach to AI. In a recent announcement, Square Enix's president Takashi Kiryu revealed the company will integrate AI into their game development and marketing. Kiryu's vision includes leveraging AI to transform traditional processes and introduce new forms of interactive experiences for fans. 


🎶AI deals are democratising the music industry. AI-driven platforms are providing artists with a better understanding of business deals, ensuring fairer and more informed agreements. This shift is allowing artists to focus more on their music while being equipped with the knowledge to manage business effectively. 

In case you missed it

Watch out Hallmark, AI’s got holiday movies covered. Check out the winner of Curious Refuge’s holiday film competition: Dragged Holidays.

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