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Race to Net Zero

Your weekly CogX newsletter on Race to Net Zero

In a surprising move, the UK Prime Minister has postponed the ban on new petrol and diesel cars by five years and relaxed other green policies. With the government striving to find a middle ground between its environmental commitments and the cost of living crisis, will the net-zero emissions pledges be undermined?

AI fights greenwashing, $100 billion climate fund, green policy U-turn
Issue 9 • Published 23 September 2023

This week, the CDP warned that most G20 nations lack policies for disclosing nature-related information, despite commitments made at COP15. Meanwhile, a new report reveals that global banks are channelling trillions into the fossil fuel industry amid the ongoing climate crisis.

UK's super-charged heatwave, AI saves coral reefs, solar controversy
Issue 8 • Published 9 September, 2023

The Mayor of London has scrapped his zero-emission zone plan but still pressed ahead with the citywide ULEZ which came into effect this week. The decision comes as a new CDP report warns that climate hazards are threatening 80% of cities worldwide. Will other cities follow London’s example to tackle air pollution and emissions?

Carbon credits debunked
Issue 7 • Published 2 September, 2023

Wind is centre stage in green-tech, with Norway opening the world’s largest wind farm and the shipping industry is going green with sails on ships.

The world's largest wind farm
Issue 6 • Published 26 August, 2023

The UK government announced millions in funding to fast-track the development of AI-driven solutions to accelerate decarbonisation. With mounting government endorsement, is AI on the brink of becoming a net-zero game-changer?

Will thirsty AI waste the world's water?
Issue 5 • Published 18 August, 2023

Google’s AI breakthrough could drastically reduce air travel emissions, while an exciting new breakthrough in low-carbon shipping is set to revolutionise the maritime sector, bringing hydrogen power to marine propulsion technology.

Can AI make air travel cleaner?
Issue 4 • Published 11 August, 2023

A new survey found that most asset managers are dialling down on climate commitments, as equity fund portfolios increasingly misalign with pledged net zero goals.

Is ChatGPT harming the environment?
Issue 3 • Published 4 August, 2023

A new survey suggests that companies are optimistic about meeting environmental targets, placing sustainability ahead of other corporate priorities like financial performance and market growth.

Offshore wind crisis, fossil fuel dispute, and AI tracking permafrost
Issue 2 • Published July 28, 2023

The EU is pushing for more urgent action at COP28, aiming to increase the rollout of renewables, improve energy efficiency and advance the phaseout of fossil fuels. But will China and others agree?

Record braking heatwaves spur action: can green tech save our future?
Issue 1 • Published July 21, 2023
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