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The week's developments on the intersection of AI and creative content | 7.11.23

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US Senators have begun drafting the “NO FAKES Act,” designed to safeguard performers from unauthorised AI duplications of their likeness and voice. Meanwhile, Scarlett Johansson is suing the AI application Lisa AI for using her likeness without permission in its advertising. Will this legislation pass quickly enough to help her case? 


Doritos has launched a new AI feature designed to suppress the sound of chip crunching for gamers during online play. And, Netflix has introduced a new ‘binge-watching’ incentive program, through which viewers who watch three consecutive episodes will receive the next episode ad-free. 


Explore these stories — plus, the latest on Runway’s AI film winners and Google’s app store lawsuit — in the CogX Must Reads.

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CogX Must Reads


Top Stories

Inside the US’ “NO FAKES” Act

 US Senators are drafting a bill to combat the unauthorised use of AI to replicate performers’ likenesses and voices. The “NO FAKES: Nurture Originals, Foster Art and Keep Entertainment Safe” Act will give legal protection to performers against the creation and dissemination of their digital replicas. (Hollywood Reporter


Scarlett Johansson is suing an AI app 

The actor is suing image editor Lisa AI for misusing her name and likeness in an advertisement. Whilst the ad includes a disclaimer disassociating the images from Johansson, her legal team asserts that she never endorsed the app, and will pursue all available legal action. (The Verge)


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Runway’s revolutionary Gen-2 upgrade

The AI text-to-video platform now delivers improved fidelity and consistency, plus new simulated camera movements to give a realistic feel. The update has been acclaimed as ‘game-changing’ by AI filmmakers. (Venture Beat)


Graphic designers are creating their own AI tools 

In order to maintain autonomy and infuse their work with human creativity, graphic designers are creating their own AI tools. In doing so, they're not replacing their role but enhancing it, giving rise to a novel, hybrid form of creativity. (We Present)




Google App Store sued over ‘illegal monopoly’ 

Epic Games is taking Google to court over its app store, alleging its policies create an illegal monopoly. The claims state Google monopolises its store with Android app distribution and in-app payment processing, to the detriment of developers and consumers. (The Verge)


How Doritos are using AI to silence crisps

Doritos has introduced a new AI ‘anti-crunching’ technology for gamers, to cancel out the sound of crisp crunching when talking online. Some players have labelled the tech as ‘profoundly stupid’ — yet effective. (NB: It doesn't work  as well with other brands’ snacks.) (Fortune)



Netflix to reward binge-watching

Netflix will offer an ad-free episode for viewers who have watched three consecutive episodes, starting next year. The move promotes their ad-supported tier, which r has seen significant growth since its launch last year: it boasts 15 million monthly active users, up from 5 million reported in May. (Engadget)


Maybe AI doesn’t spell doom for the music industry? 

In a recent interview, Golnar Khosrowshahi of Reservoir Media discussed her optimistic views on AI, which balance artist rights protection with embracing new opportunities. (The Verge)


Quote of the Week

“For me, art is like soul. (...) So when you get into something that’s so much more advanced than our brains are at this point, it takes the soul out of it, you know, and it’s scary.

- Sheryl Crow on AI in music


In case you missed it

Runway recently ran the world’s first AI film contest, Gen:48, where entrants had 48 hours to make a film made almost entirely with AI. Check out the competition winner ‘2026’ here:

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