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The week's developments on the intersection of AI and creative content | 06.02.24

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This week, Hollywood agency WME and tech firm Vermillio joined forces to launch platform Trace ID to protect celebrities from AI misuse. Meanwhile, studies suggest that 204,000 Hollywood jobs will be displaced from AI within the next 3 years, the majority affecting post-production roles… Whilst stars are being protected against AI, who's looking out for Hollywood's behind-the-scenes crew?


Meanwhile, Universal Music Group is poised to pull its top artist’s music from TikTok over an AI dispute, and a study reveals our subconscious preference for human-generated art over its AI counterpart, even when we can’t tell the difference between the two.


We cover these stories, plus the world’s first feature-length AI film, the UK’s copyright ‘fail’ and the best customGPTs for AI artists.

— Charlie and the Research and Intelligence Team

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Cinema and Industry

🎬These are the Hollywood jobs most at risk from AI. A recent study estimates that 204,000 positions will be at risk over the next three years, the majority in post-production. VFX, sound engineering, and entry-level roles are especially vulnerable. 


🤖Inside the world’s first feature length AI film. Directed by Michael Ross Catania, "Kepler 62 Experiment" is a Marvel-esque sci-fi adventure film, set to premiere on YouTube. Its release marks a significant milestone in filmmaking tech, testament to Catania’s creativity. 


🎭AI themes from Sundance 2024. The festival explored AI's influence on digital eternity, human connection and personal relationships, using a mixture of mediums from dark comedy and documentary insight to  speculative fiction. 

🛡️Hollywood agency and tech-firm team up to protect artists against AI. Together, WME and Vermillio launched Trace ID, a platform designed to protect celebrities from unauthorised AI-generated images by tracking and authenticating their likenesses online.

Arts and Entertainment

🚫 UMG threatens to pull top songs from TikTok, over AI row, accusing the platform of undervaluing music by offering lower compensation than other services, and letting AI music dilute royalty pools. At-risk artists include Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, and Ariana Grande.


🎨Humans have an implicit bias toward human art over AI-generated, despite being unable to distinguish between the two, study finds. Participants showed no difference in subjective evaluations, yet looked longer at paintings they presumed were human-made. 


🇬🇧UK stalls on AI copyright agreement, leaving creatives unprotected. Despite discussions among the Intellectual Property Office, tech giants, and creative bodies, no agreement was reached on a voluntary code for AI's use of copyrighted material. 


🛠️If you like AI art tools you’ll love these customGPTs. Diana Dovgopol’s top picks include Logo Creator, LogoGPT, Face Swap Master, Sticker Whiz and Personalized Avatar Creator. Plus Photo Multiverse for identical image generation and Coloring Book Hero for illustrations. 

In case you missed it

Borrowing time is an AI-generated sci-fi short exploring the experience of a young black man in the 1960s. Check it out here:

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