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The week's developments on the intersection of AI and creative content | 06.01.24

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This week, Hollywood studios are grappling with AI’s replication of film scenes. Should they sue AI companies or work with them? Meanwhile, the industry examines AI's potential in enhancing scriptwriting. Will we see human-machine interaction boosting the creative sector or is this a first step to full automation?

CES 2024 introduced a whole host of AI-integrated TV features, including chat-GPT voice assistants and transparent tech.

Elsewhere, game voice actors are feeling blindsided, as the new SAG-AFTRA deal may have rendered them the latest job at risk of AI. Plus, authors struggle against AI-generated book imitations on Amazon. 

We cover these stories, and more, from an AI artist already bored of text-to-image, the latest on the content creators vs big tech lawsuits, and an AI generated film, about AI.

— Charlie and the Research and Intelligence Team

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Cinema and Industry

🎬Should studios sue AI companies? Faced with AI tech like Midjourney replicating scenes from iconic movies, often frame-for-frame, Hollywood studios are debating whether to sue for copyright infringement or explore licensing agreements. 

📝 How will Hollywood use AI, now it's allowed? Hollywood may start using AI for concept ideation and script enhancement. Whilst it can assist in developing ideas and dialogue, regulation prevents it from fully automating script creation. 

🎞️‘AI isn’t going to get you an Oscar’ — Animators discuss the impact of AI on the field. While AI can quickly create images and stories, the critics say the tech still lacks the emotional depth required in great storytelling. 

📺AI TV tools announced at CES 2024. Key launches included chat-GPT voice assistants, AI-enhanced picture and sound quality, and AI interactive shopping features. Transparent TVs and AI for home automation were also showcased.

Arts and Entertainment


🎙️Gaming voice actors blindsided by Union deal. The recent SAG-AFTRA deal is being criticised for allowing AI to replace voice actors in gaming. Industry artists are criticising them for not fully informing members of its terms, and potentially endangering jobs. 

📚The fake AI books flooding Amazon. AI-generated imitations and summaries of books are growing increasingly popular on the platform, causing serious concerns among authors. Despite some removals by Amazon, the issue only seems to be getting worse. 

🎨Stable Diffusion artist is already bored of the tech. Swedish-based artist Supercomposite expresses her frustrations with AI art, deeming it limiting and addictive. She has now shifted her focus to writing screenplays, citing burnout from AI art creation. 

🎥Content Creators sue big tech over AI, accusing them of using their work — without fair compensation — to train AI models. The lawsuits highlight concerns about AI disrupting traditional content consumption and revenue models.

In case you missed it

The Wizard of AI is an AI generated short film, about the dangers of AI. Check it out below:

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