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The week's developments on the intersection of AI and creative content | 31.10.23

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After 118-days of striking, SAG-AFTRA has reached a tentative deal with Hollywood studios. The agreement includes new compensation for streaming, wage increases and AI usage protections.


The deal’s success is inspiring global union movements, especially for UK’s Equity and Canada’s ACTRA. However, viewers can expect price increases for streaming services and cinema tickets, as the industry seeks to recoup financial losses from the strike. 


Explore these stories — plus, the latest on a new entirely AI-generated video game and Google’s app-store lawsuit — in the CogX Must Reads.  

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CogX Must Reads


Final stages of SAG-AFTRA deal

SAG-AFTRA have finally concluded their 118-day strike, reaching a tentative deal with Hollywood studios. The agreement, approved by 86% of the guild's national board, promises new streaming compensation for actors, wage increases and AI usage protections. (LA Times)


How will the strikes affect audiences? 

Viewers can expect price hikes for streaming services and cinema tickets as the industry recovers from the financial losses incurred during the strike. The content on streaming platforms is also likely to shift, with a possible increase in cheaper, unscripted shows and reality TV at the expense of high-budget scripted dramas. (Telegraph)


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Will strike success inspire other unions?

National unions, like the UK’s Equity and Canada's ACTRA, are gearing up for their labour negotiations, drawing inspiration from SAG-AFTRA’s tactics for negotiations. This includes a focus on streaming revenue, AI impact, and fair compensation. (Hollywood Reporter)


Top 10 AI video editing tools in 2023

From engaging short-form clips to HD cinematic visuals, AI editing tools are changing the game - check out the Top 10 AI Editing Tools of 2023 on the CogX blog. (CogX Blog)


AI will cut animation production by 90%

Jeffrey Katzenberg, founder of DreamWorks and CogX Festival 2023 speaker, predicts a 90% reduction in costs and workforce required for animated films due to AI. He does however emphasise that the core ideas for projects will still originate from individual creativity, not AI. (Bloomberg)



Video game made entirely with AI

The video game Angry Pumpkins was created entirely using ChatGPT, DALL-E, and Midjourney, requiring significantly fewer resources than traditional game creation. The feat suggests a future where AI makes game development more accessible. (TomsHardware)


A NVIDIA super launch may be on the cards

Nvidia has sent out press invites for a "special address" at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show, in January 2024. This invitation follows rumours about the launch of NVIDIA's RTX 40-series Super cards, which haven’t been updated since 2019. (The Verge



Will AI ever be a star?

The surge in AI-generated content suggests AI is en route to stardom, but will there always be demand for the real thing? Despite fan obsession with AI celebrity deep-fakes, real artists continue to dominate in popularity due to unique sound and ‘star quality’.  (Economist)


Epic v Google case updates

In the Epic v. Google antitrust case, Google has requested to seal details of their User Choice Billing agreement with Spotify. The move raises suspicions about Spotify receiving preferential treatment, potentially influencing other app developers' demands. (The Verge)



Quote of the Week

“It’s really important to know when we’ve won. This is only a three-year deal. In two years [or] two and a half years, we’ll be re-negotiating again

-Tyler Perry on the SAG-AFTRA strikes


In case you missed it

Check out this entirely AI-generated trailer for ‘THE OUTWORLD’ due to release in 2024:

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