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The week's developments in AI, quantum, and biotech, explained | 8.11.23

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Big Tech has been busy with LLMs this week: OpenAI has announced GPT-4 Turbo — their best model yet, and a no-code personal bot creation platform. Plus, Elon Musk announced ‘Grok’, the first bot to come out of his AI startup, characterised by a sharp, sarcastic wit and a repository of knowledge from X.


Plus, researchers may have finally cracked telepathy. And I know what you’re thinking … this can’t be real, right? Wrong — researchers have successfully developed a real-time telepathy device that uses ML to translate brain activity directly into speech.


We cover these stories, and more — from machine unlearning, to AI cancer assessment – plus a whole suite of AI tools to develop, analyse and create, in the CogX Must Reads.

I hope you enjoy it!

Charlie and the Research and Intelligence Team

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CogX Must Reads


Innovation and Releases

OpenAI’s DevDay announcements

Some of the highlights from OpenAI’s first DevDay include: GPT-4 Turbo – their most powerful model yet – is out, and is capable of analysing text and images. Users can create custom GPT bots without coding, which can be featured on GPT-Store, with monetisation options available. (TechCrunch)


Elon Musk announces ‘Grok’

Meet Grok, Musk’s first AI bot, who promises a sarcastic sense of humour, access to expansive information from X, and an alignment with Musk’s personal understanding of the universe. Grok will initially be available to a select group before being offered to Premium+ subscribers of X. (WSJ


AI twice as good as biopsy in assessing rare cancer

The AI algorithm, trained on hundreds of rare cancer tumours, has an 82% accuracy rate in evaluating tumour aggressiveness compared to the 44% accuracy of biopsies. It can also correctly identify the cancer type in 84% of cases, surpassing radiologists' 65% accuracy and promising faster, more accurate diagnoses. (TNW)


Quantum computing in flood detection

Multiverse Computing, a Spanish software company, is using quantum computing in flood prediction to overcome the computational limitations of current flood modelling. The UK Department of Environment will be the first to test this solution, hoping to significantly mitigate the impacts of climate-related extreme weather events. (TNW)


Latest Research

Telepathy has finally arrived…

Researchers have developed a speech prosthetic that uses ML to convert brain signals into speech, offering communication solutions for those with speech-impairing conditions. The team is now working on a wireless version to enhance mobility and practicality, although more development is needed before it reaches the market. (Duke University)


Soft robotic replica of ancient organism

Researchers have created a soft robotic model of the pleurocystitid, a 450-million-year-old marine organism, marking a step forward in the emerging field of Paleobionics. This interdisciplinary study explores the biomechanics of extinct species to help us better understand evolutionary processes. (PNAS)


Machine unlearning - teaching AI to forget 

Researchers are working to teach AIs to forget biassed, incorrect, or private data without retraining from scratch. The goal is to balance the elimination of problematic information with the maintenance of AI performance. This work is a crucial step in ensuring AI operates safely and ethically in society. (ScienceDaily)


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AI Tools of the Week

🛠️ Develop - Pezzo is a low-code, agile AI launchpad that simplifies and accelerates app development with robust features for prompt management and collaboration. 


🎨 Create - Genie is a creative text-to-3D modelling tool, offering environment, animation, and object density customisation.

📊Analyse - Narrative BI turns raw data into meaningful narratives, enhanced by automated analytics, and anomaly detection.


In case you missed it

Discover how adding a touch of emotional pressure to prompts can supercharge AI performance - with this new prompt engineering technique:

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