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The week's developments in AI, quantum, and biotech, explained | 17.01.24

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This week in DeepTech:  Norwegian startup 1x is readying Neo, a humanoid robot for home integration while green-tech innovator Hestiia promises to heat your home with a bitcoin-mining radiator. Will tech for the home be the next AI trend in 2024?

Meanwhile, a new transparent brain implant can read deep neural activity, paving the way for advanced brain-computer interfaces, and the semiconductor world is evolving from 2D to 3D; are we witnessing a new dimension in computing? 

Keep reading for the biggest trends from CES 2024 and the coolest AI tools to manage, integrate and …sweat?

— Charlie and the Research and Intelligence Team

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Innovation and Releases

🤖Domestic humanoid nearing consumer reality with OpenAI's backing, and $100M investment boost. Norwegian startup 1x is propelling Neo, a domestic android capable of household tasks, designed to seamlessly integrate into daily life. 

🔥 How mining crypto could heat your house. At CES 2024, Hestiia unveiled a Bitcoin radiator that repurposes recycled data centre chips for home heating, while simultaneously mining cryptocurrency. The approach is both sustainable and tech-forward. 

🚀European lunar hopes dashed as Peregrine lander prepares to crash land. The lander was set to put the first piece of European tech, and a British sci-fi author’s remains, on the moon. The mission's failure is a huge setback, but eyes are still set on a future lunar landing.

🧬AI Biotech CellVoyant secures £7.6m for stem cell research. CellVoyant uses AI imaging technology to efficiently develop stem cells, speeding up treatment development. The approach significantly reduces costs for treating cancer, diabetes, and dementia.


AI Tools of the Week

🔧 Integrate: Lutra is a no-code tool to integrate AI into your workflows. Tailor AI features to your spec using natural language and automate tasks easily. 

🚀 Manage: TimeHero is an AI-powered work management tool streamlining remote team projects with automated task scheduling and adaptive workflows. 

🏋️Sweat: Impakt is an AI personal trainer app that offers tailored workouts, form corrections, performance insights, and accountability features.


Latest Research

🧠Researchers have developed a transparent brain implant that can read deep neural activity from the brain's surface. This minimally invasive device, tested in mice, is a major step towards creating a high-resolution brain-computer interface.

🔳A 2D approach to 3D computer chips. Researchers have created a 3D computer chip from ultrathin materials, enhancing processing power and efficiency beyond traditional 2D silicon chips' capabilities. 

💡Researchers have developed a brain-inspired computational model for human-like concept comprehension. This model — based on spiking neural networks — integrates diverse sensory experiences and textual information, mirroring human cognitive processes.

📡Researchers are harnessing AI to develop next-gen wireless communication. Their focus is to improve efficiency and robustness in data transmission and recovery for mobile networks, paving the way for a future of adaptive and secure communication tech.


In case you missed it

Didn’t catch all the coverage you wanted from CES 2024? Here are all the trends that mattered:

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