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Future of Work

Your weekly CogX briefing on HR tech, automation, and the workplace
The week's developments on automation & the workplace, explained | 27.11.23

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In a darkly dystopian turn, companies are turning to emotion recognition technology, to monitor and analyse employees. By dissecting facial tics, vocal tones and heart rates, "emotion AI" aims to boost productivity and engagement in the workplace. But is the science solid enough?

A new report suggests AI may enable a four-day workweek for over one-third of UK and US workers by 2033. The study shows that over 88% of UK workers could have their working hours reduced by at least 10%, through the introduction of LLMs into their workplace.

Meanwhile, former IBM CEO Ginni Rometty emphasised the potential of generative AI to revolutionise the hiring process, shifting the focus toward skills-first recruitment.

Explore these topics — and the latest on how HR is dealing with psychological safety and how deepfakes are becoming an increasing threat to corporate integrity — in the CogX Must Reads.


—Charlie & the Research & Intelligence team


CogX Must Reads


Top Stories

Can AI decode your workplace emotions?

Companies are exploring the use of AI to gauge employee emotions. Through subtle facial cues and stress levels in emails, this controversial technology promises to turn feelings into actionable data — but at what cost to personal privacy? (Business Insider)


The importance of skills training in the age of AI

"Skills over degrees in the AI era," highlights Ginni Rometty, former IBM CEO. She points to generative AI as a game-changer in skill-first hiring, emphasising the growing importance of technological competencies in today's rapidly evolving job market. (Fortune)


Future of the Office

Is HR prioritising psychological safety in the workplace?

As remote work becomes prevalent, HR is grappling with its effects on psychological safety. However, addressing it remains complex, as most HR professionals don’t have a clear understanding of how nuanced virtual trust-building can be. (HR Grapevine)


What does the ideal hybrid workweek look like?

With the ideal workweek model still an enigma — even to experts — Harvard professor Prithwiraj Choudhury advises HR professionals to take a nuanced approach, blending structured decision-making with the unique dynamics of individual teams. (Fortune)


AI & Automation

Will AI make the four-day workweek a reality?

AI could pave the way for a four-day workweek for 28% of the UK workforce by 2033, a new report suggests. While fears of job displacements remain, experts are optimistic about AI's potential to enhance productivity and improve working conditions for millions.  (The Guardian)


Once mere celebrity mimics, deepfakes now challenge corporate integrity

As companies adapt to this emerging threat, cybersecurity takes centre stage. From refining authentication methods to conducting comprehensive employee awareness programmes, here are some expert tips to address this emerging challenge effectively. (HR Grapevine)


Productivity Boosters

🧑‍💻️  Audio Writer helps capture unstructured thoughts and ideas and turn them into clear and coherent writing. Users can refine transcripts, and rewrite them in different styles and formats.


🤖  Autotab enables users to capture their actions and generate automated web browser agents capable of executing specified tasks on their behalf.


📝 is a Chrome extension that adds AI-powered commands to the right-click menu in your browser. Users can summarise long articles, fix spelling and grammar mistakes, bulletize text, refine writing, and translate text from any language.



In case you missed it

Professor Robert Seamans, whose research delves into the impact of AI on jobs, discusses why some occupations are more exposed to automation than others:

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