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Future of Work

Your weekly CogX briefing on HR tech, automation, and the workplace
The week's developments on automation & the workplace, explained | 25.03.24

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This week, a report warns that AI could eliminate up to 8 million jobs in the UK, primarily affecting women, and workers in routine/ entry-level roles. The only way to avert this scenario? Through government action and proper training. 


Meanwhile, digital mindfulness is gaining traction as a method to reduce workplace stress, suggesting that proper technology use and setting boundaries can lessen technostress. And could hiring managers be the first jobs on the AI chopping block? As a new model hits the market that can record, analyse and summarise job interviews.


Enjoy these stories and more — including how AI will bring a 4-day work week, and first-hand experience of how useful AI is for job-seekers — in the CogX Must Reads.


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CogX Must Reads


Top Stories

📊 Report claims AI will wipe out up to 8 million UK jobs with women disproportionately affected, particularly in routine and entry-level roles. Without government intervention, this worst-case scenario could unfold, urging the need for a job-centric industrial strategy.


🧘‍♂️ Digital mindfulness could be your next tool to reduce workplace stress, as recent research suggests that being mindful and confident with technology could alleviate technostress. One easy step is to set clear boundaries with your tech usage. 

💼 Billionaire investor says AI will bring about a four-day work week, arguing that technological progress and lower Friday productivity make it inevitable. However, he admits he won't implement a shorter week for his trading team until market operations change.


Future of the Office

🎓AI won’t cause mass unemployment, if proper training is provided, but there's a challenge in ensuring there’s enough workers for emerging roles created by AI. Proper training should encompass upskilling in digital literacy and adaptive learning approaches to prepare workers for evolving job demands.

🤖 America’s ‘deskless workers’ will reveal the stark realities of AI. Despite debates on whether AI will disrupt knowledge workers more than blue-collar workers, the impact on hourly workers in sectors like health care and hospitality remains uncertain.


AI & Automation

📝 I applied to jobs with AI, did I get an interview? Sophie Wilkinson tested out ChatGPT, and concluded that AI makes writing cover letters easier — but it can't mimic human charm. And as job listings drop and applications rise, AI sped up the process, but couldn’t quite manage by itself.


🔄 Indeed integrate AI tool ‘Smart Sourcing’ to match job seekers with relevant positions. The tech improves recommendations and connections with employers for job seekers, and enables employers to quickly identify and connect with qualified candidates.

📊 This tool takes interview notes, so hiring managers don’t have to. Metaview is an AI app that automatically records, analyses, and summarises job interviews so employers can focus on the conversation. Concerns persist over biases and data storage duration.


Productivity Boosters

 Check out this week's top AI tools to supercharge your productivity

Oto streamlines the workflow for freelancers, offering an all-in-one platform for various business needs.


Key features:

  • Automated proposals, e-signing, and contract management

  • Time tracking and invoicing based on tracked hours or project

  • Payment reminders, online payment processing and expense recording

 Pricing Model: Paid with Free Trial

Litespace is an all-in-one employee experience platform to enhance workplace engagement, culture, and efficiency. 


Key features:

  • AI-powered tools for managing team interactions and optimising scheduling

  • Analysis of team dynamics to foster a connected and inclusive work environment

  • Focus on improving overall employee satisfaction, increasing retention, and driving performance

                                            Pricing Model: Paid with Free Trial

DryMerge is a workflow automation tool designed to automate repetitive tasks through plain english.


Key features:

  • Automation of tasks such as sales notifications, meeting summaries, and customer service escalations

  • Integration with SaaS tools like Slack, Gmail, and Notion

  • Natural language understanding for managing API integrations and logic

                                  Pricing Model: Unknown


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