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Future of Work

Your weekly CogX briefing on HR tech, automation, and the workplace
The week's developments on automation & the workplace, explained | 5.02.24

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Germany is about to launch a groundbreaking 4-day workweek pilot. Starting this month, 45 diverse companies will offer hundreds of employees an extra day off each week, while maintaining full pay. This bold move aims to address the acute labour shortages plaguing over half of German businesses — but it raises questions about potential long-term effects on corporate finances and productivity levels.

Elsewhere, as companies scramble to keep pace in the AI arms race, a fascinating new breed of executive is emerging (and no, it's not Chief Meme Officer, surprisingly). Plus, recent research findings spotlight the increased risk of layoffs for remote workers — they're often first in line when companies start trimming their workforce.

Enjoy these insights and more — from the generational split in AI adoption to the latest roles at risk of AI automation — in our CogX Must Reads.



CogX Must Reads


Top Stories

🤖 German companies test four-day work week to fight labour crisis. This innovative approach seeks to maintain pay while testing productivity and well-being impacts on workers. However, experts warn of the need for careful adaptation to industry-specific demands. (Bloomberg)


🧑‍💼️ AI officer emerges as top executive role. Amid shifting tech trends, companies are ditching older technologies like the metaverse in favour of AI expertise. These new coveted executive positions are commanding salaries of over $1 million, as firms look to invest heavily into AI capabilities. (Bloomberg)


Future of the Office

💼 High-performing employees are 16% less likely to stay at companies enforcing rigid office attendance, a new survey finds. While millennials showed a low inclination to remain — being 10% more likely to consider leaving — employees overall were 8% less inclined to stay under stricter back-to-office policies. (Business Insider)


🧑‍💻️ Remote workers are more vulnerable to layoffs, study finds. Data from Live Data Technologies shows remote employees were 35% more likely to be laid off in 2023 than those working in-office or on a hybrid basis. Experts say the lack of personal connection makes remote workers easier targets for cuts. (WSJ)



AI & Automation

💸 AI automation to impact banking and tech sectors the most. New research suggests generative AI — the technology behind ChatGPT — will profoundly impact white-collar industries. Sectors like finance, law, and technology are set to face the most exposure. (New York Times)


🤝 Gen Zers are actually using AI on the job less than older generations. EY's study reveals a surprising generational divide in AI adoption, suggesting that familiarity and expectations of technology might influence openness to AI integration among different age groups. (Business Insider)


Productivity Boosters

 Check out this week's top AI tools to supercharge your productivity

Findr is an AI search assistant that retrieves answers and information instantly across workplace apps for effortless productivity.


Key features: 

  • Unified search bar queries emails, files, chats

  • Intelligent retrieval of answers and insights

  • Search capabilities for Gmail, Slack, and Drive.

                                            Pricing Model: Freemium

Arvin puts the power of AI in every browser tab for intelligent assistance, easy content creation, and streamlined productivity.


Key features: 

  • ChatGPT integration with GPT-3.5 and GPT-4

  • AI-powered chat and content creation

  • One-click writing from templates

                                                Pricing Model: Paid

Manja.AI is an AI-powered sales coach that unlocks the potential of sales teams through personalised expertise, analytics, and CRM capabilities


Key features: 

  • Personalised coaching and recommendations

  • Identification of weaknesses in sales techniques

  • In-depth conversation analytics

                                             Pricing Model: Freemium


In case you missed it

Watch this WSJ special exploring how AI is reshaping white-collar work, delving into the transformative effects of tech on the job markets and its implications for the future of work:

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