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CogX Festival

Friday 9th December 2022, London UK

CogX Festival to return with new dates Tues 12th to Thurs 14th September
Early Bird Standard Festival Passes available from £55.

Firstly, a huge and heartfelt thanks to you, our community of speakers, sponsors, partners and attendees for your support over the last 6 editions. You are what makes this event so special.

As you know, we started in 2017 with a focus on the Impact of AI on Industry, Government and Society and based on the success of our 2019 event and incorporation of the 17 Global Goals, in 2020 we decided to focus on addressing the question: “How do we get the next 10 years right?”.

For 2023, we continue to ask that critical question, but our focus has evolved to the Festival of Inspiration, Impact & Transformational Change, which we feel reflects the spirit of CogX and the opportunities ahead of us.

What’s New?

There are many new key elements, but two we’d like to highlight:

Inclusivity at Scale - Through an expanded Partnerships Programme we will welcome 90,000 visitors over 3 days to hear from over 1,000 incredible speakers - across stages, including True Industry Transformation, to a dedicated 1,500 seater for Deeptech (not for the faint-hearted). As we won’t be issuing complimentary tickets in 2023, we’ve worked hard to deliver our most affordable and inclusive Early Bird Standard Festival 1 day pass for £55, and just £25 for students.

New Curated Exec Programme - While at the same time, a new curated Executive programme will provide full event access as well as an exclusive experience in a rich schedule of expertly curated themed side events hosted by both our partners, our community and of course our own editorial team. Access to this programme, with access to all stages along with the Gold, Investor, Leaders and Speakers Lounge is normally £4995 - but with today’s Super Early Bird GLS offer, it's just £1,245 - a saving of £3,250.

What’s Behind the Changes?

Our industrial and societal history has been characterised by exponential change and it just gets faster.

In the last year, we have had transformational breakthroughs from technology.

For instance, in the world of life sciences, DeepMind not only predicts protein modelling with AlphaFold opening up a world of new possibilities in medicine, but it has also given it to the world for free. Global cooperation, innovation and policy change in renewable energy have massively reduced the price of solar and our dependence on fossil fuels. And entrepreneurship and the number of new business startups have hit an all-time high.

Global crises have also demonstrated our ability to shorten innovation and development cycles. We’ve proven that society can innovate and collaborate when we need to.

The COVID vaccine, the tools that have been developed and deployed in our collective defence of Ukraine, and the policy changes in energy supply and production, are all at the top of any example list of the great collective achievements in the last decade.

And as we enter a period of global financial uncertainty, we are in for challenging times, but with the right spirit and collaboration, we can turn challenges into opportunities.

And that’s why we believe that it's more important than ever to bring together our community of Global Leaders, the Tech Industry and the Public at scale to address the question “How do we get the next 10 years right?”.

Get Involved

Finally, thank you again for all your support to date. We love you. And we very much look forward to welcoming you to CogX Festival 2023.

If you would like to participate as a speaker, partner, sponsor or attendee. We would love to hear from you. And don’t miss out on the super early bird passes.

Charlie Muirhead, Alethea Rous and the whole CogX Team

CogX Festival 2023 - Inspiration, Impact and Transformational change.

Our sixth festival aims to be our biggest AND most inclusive and forward-thinking gathering of leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, policymakers, artists, academics and activists to date.

We will continue to help you answer the big question, ‘How do we get the next 10 years right?’.

For us, at CogX the answer lies in our 5 aims.

To inspire current and future generations with amazing sessions
To celebrate creativity and innovation in all walks of life
To improve diversity, equality and inclusivity
To connect and collaborate across disciplines, sectors, domains and countries - to inspire new thinking
To move conversations forward with concrete action (not just a think tank, but a do tank)
We’re staging CogX Festival 2023 to ensure that we don’t just give you the opportunity to listen to the latest thinking but also to develop your own conversations and plans.

Through CogX Festival 2023’s curated agenda, we’re offering you the very latest thinking from the brightest minds on 21 stages across 10 core programmes:

Global Leadership
Deeptech - AI, Cyber & Quantum
Climate & Future of Energy
Healthcare & Wellbeing
Growth - Startup to IPO & Beyond
True Industry Transformation
Web3, Metaverse & Gaming
Music, Film, Arts & Createch
Ethics & Society
Economy, Future of Work & Education

We’ll host over 1,000 speakers who will provide diverse views and deep domain expertise from main stage talks to 20 min keynotes and firesides, to workshops and technical deep-dives.

All our sessions will be tagged into 200 topics so you can create your perfect agenda.

The Cog X Global Leadership Summit and Executive Programme is the most productive way to experience the festival, combining both the speaker experience and the opportunity to run your own conversations how and when you want.
Our side event venues will be Themed by Topic allowing you to join fellow change-makers for a half-day on your chosen subject including an intimate roundtable, and catering service.
The Leaders Lounge & Summit Stage Combining our Chatham House summit stage & speakers lounge, the Leaders Lounge is the perfect place for serendipitous networking and unrivalled peer insights.
The Loft will offer exclusive Bookable Exec Meeting Space with full catering and table service.
The CogX Festival app will search “recommended for you” or our concierge will make valuable connections and book 1:1 meetings.

The CogX Expo & Awards celebrates the Best Innovation in one place, from startups to scale-ups to established enterprises. Our Expo floor features Booths and Pavilions and can be configured to accommodate small booths to huge Pavilions with their own stage, to your own Expo Village.

CogX Expo showcases 1,000 Startups, whilst CogX’s Startup Programme is the most affordable way to access all the stages, meet customers, investors, the press and fellow founders.

Helping you build meaningful relationships and grow revenues is fundamental to the objective of CogX. The CogX Festival app uses the latest in machine learning to recommend connections, as well as classic search by name, company and topic. We avoid spam by filtering for messages from connections you have accepted - making the inbox invaluable, and we provide a huge range of exciting networking and meeting locations depending on your pass type; including 100 restaurants and cafes, the Investor Lounge, the Leaders Lounge or the Gold Lounge - all with bookable tables for 1:1 meetings.

CogX is committed to Action at Scale, seizing the opportunity for public engagement & action and making it count. To make that happen we’ve set up idea hubs where anyone can take their thoughts on event content, innovation ideas, public policy, and/or vote on other people’s ideas throughout the 3 days of CogX Festival 2023. We call it our “Do Tank”.

We will also post-session follow-on with speakers and moderators to invite the audience to contribute to a Policy/Do Tank wall.

If you’re interested in partnering with us on any one of these topics, get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.

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