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Speaker Announcement

Wednesday 21st December 2022, London UK

We’re delighted to announce that Emad Mostaque, Founder/CEO Stability AI, will be speaking at the CogX Festival, 12th to 14th Sept 2023

With the arrival of GPT3 and Stable Diffusion, suddenly generative AI is everywhere. Much of this is due to Emad's Stable Diffusion, which offers an open-source license for companies to build on.

It’s well known that when anyone launches an AI image feature, it's probably Stable Diffusion. This includes everything from Magic Avatar app Lensa, to Canva’s AI text-to-image tool, to MyHeritage’s AI Time Machine. It’s all the same tech underneath.

Emad's Stability AI has raised a $100m mega seed round to open source the development of this incredible new technology - unlocking opportunities for everyone. But while generative AI is magical and exciting, it comes with some very big questions:

How will it disrupt your sector? What new business models does it enable? Who will be first to leverage it? What action should you take now to compete?

The potential for language models to automate tasks or jobs it huge. How will it impact the job market and what are the implications in education?

What are the potential ethical and societal implications of widespread adoption of generative AI?
Concern about use in fields where the underlying data may be incomplete or biased, leading to concerns about predicting crime, making hiring decisions etc.

What action must governments and policymakers take now to promote the development, but also to regulate and ensure safe deployment?

Emad will join the Leadership Stage to share his vision for how they are bringing communities of developers together to launch new iterations and what's coming next. We have also invited Emad to join our new DeepTech Stage where we can get into the technical details for 45 minutes, followed by a full 45 minutes on the Q&A Stage.

BTW - You can propose a specific question for Emad, or any Speaker. Go to our ask a speaker a question page on the website.

The Festival returns with 10 Programmes, 200 Topics and the mission of addressing the question: “How do we get the next 10 years right?”. Emad is joining an incredible list of speakers confirmed so far.

There are many exciting new elements of the Festival, but 2 we’d like to highlight are:

Inclusivity at Scale - Working with our Affiliate Partners we will welcome 90,000 visitors over 3 days to hear from over 1,000 incredible speakers - across 21 stages, from the True Industry Transformation Stage, to the 1,500 seat DeepTech Stage - not for the faint hearted. We have made it our most affordable and inclusive Festival yet, with the Early Bird Standard Festival 1 day pass for £55, and just £25 for students. (We won’t be issuing complimentary tickets in 2023)

New Curated GLS Exec Programme - At the same time, our new Executive Programme provides priority access to all stages and all lounges, as well as 80 expertly curated intimate GLS Side Events on specific topics every day. These are co-hosted with our Partners and our own editorial team and include talks, roundtables and fully catered breakfast, lunch and dinner. 3 days of access to this is normally £4995 - but with today’s Super Early Bird GLS offer, it's just £1,245 - a saving of £3,250.

The core of what makes CogX special is you, our community. And if you would like to participate as a speaker, affiliate partner, sponsor or attendee, please get in touch.

And in the meantime, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.


Charlie Muirhead, Alethea Rous and the whole CogX Team

PS. To propose a specific question for any Speaker, go to our website and click "Talk to our team" here.

PPS. Don't miss out on our incredible Super Early Bird tickets. They start at £55 for 1 day Festival Pass (£25 for Students) that gets you access to all public stages for our most inclusive event yet. And remember you can get a full refund up until the end of March. Ends tomorrow 22nd December.

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